COVID-19 came as shock in early 2020 and has since resulted in many disruptions to the global economy. While China was initially the most affected, many countries have also been facing major outbreaks and economic disruptions since late February and March 2020. There will be significant implications for infrastructure development and financing markets, both in the near term and long term.

In this section, we present AIIB’s latest analyses that examine the effect this crisis is likely to have on infrastructure investment and finance. This is to help stakeholders identify possible ways forward, taking into account how governments, financial institutions, and MDBs like AIIB can respond with adaptability and flexibility. We shall continue to add to these studies as we continue to examine relevant data and assess the ever-changing situation.

AIIB remains committed to working with its partners through this crisis and beyond and to invest sufficiently in order to promote the economic and social development of its members.

Latest Analyses and Insights: