Duty to Report and Confidentiality:

Reports must be believed to be truthful and given in good faith. Reports will be managed as strictly confidential and should not be circulated without proper authorization of the Chief Ethics Officer. If the report is submitted anonymously, please provide as much information to enable a meaningful review and please identify the best means for contact.

Please supply the following and include supporting information and documentation, along with other corroborating evidence if available.

Complainant Information:

Please input an email address

Summary Of Allegations:

Guide on Writing a Summary of Allegation

WHAT is/are the alleged misconduct?

What acts, omissions, behavior, failure and/or decisions are involved? What rules or policies have been violated, if you know? What incident, contract, transaction, procurement, project, and/or activity has been affected? What disputes or conflicts have occurred? What evidence can you provide, if any, to support the allegations? (Please attach/upload relevant documents) What losses, harm or damage has resulted or will result from the misconduct to the Bank, staff or other parties?

WHO is/are the suspected perpetrator(s)?

What are their positions, employment contracts or responsibilities? Are you a victim of the alleged misconduct? Do you know other possible victims and witnesses and their contact details? Who else is aware of the allegations? Did you report the matter to another person?

WHEN did the misconduct/incident occur?

If no precise date is known, could you provide a date range? What are the key dates for various events? Is there a need for the reviewer to closely monitor any upcoming or planned event or milestones?

WHERE was the location of the misconduct/incident?

Is there anything particular about the location that we should be aware of? If outside AIIB offices, please provide details of the location. Where can we locate the supporting evidence?

HOW did the misconduct/incident happen?

How did you learn about the allegations? How can we obtain additional information? How do you feel about reporting this allegation? (e.g. do you have fears of any retaliation or suspect destruction of relevant evidence?)

WHY do you think the perpetrator(s) engage in the misconduct?

Are you aware of the possible reasons or motives of the perpetrator(s)? What are the gaps, weaknesses or faults in the system or policies which allowed the misconduct/incident to occur? Do you have any suggestions on how to detect, prevent or mitigate similar or future misconduct? Any other observations you may want to add?

The above questions are intended to assist you in providing adequate information on the allegations and will help the reviewer in processing, recording and evaluating the report. Please provide a brief summary in the text box below of the allegations of misconduct and provide as many relevant details as possible regarding the concerns and issues you wish to raise.

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In addition to web-based submission, you can also write to the Chief Ethics Officer through the Ethics Helpline at EthicsOffice@aiib.org

Thank you for submitting your report to the AIIB Ethics Office. It has been well received and will be reviewed by the Ethics Team. We will respond to you as soon as possible for any follow-up. The Ethics Office relies on reports and communications from staff and other parties to ensure that standards of ethical conduct are promoted. Please feel free to reach us via ethicsoffice@aiib.org to address any questions.