The Project-affected People’s Mechanism (PPM) is AIIB’s independent accountability mechanism. It was established by AIIB to provide an opportunity for an independent and impartial review of submissions from Project-affected people who believe they have been or are likely to be adversely affected by AIIB’s failure to implement its Environmental and Social Policy (ESP) when their concerns cannot be addressed satisfactorily through Project-level grievance redress mechanisms or AIIB Management’s processes. The PPM entered into effect on March 31, 2019. The PPM is guided by the Policy on the PPM (PPM Policy) and Rules of Procedure of the PPM (PPM Rules of Procedure).

PPM Policy Review

The Policy on Project-affected People’s Mechanism (PPM Policy) was adopted on Dec. 7, 2018 and became effective on March 31, 2019.

As per the PPM Policy:

“The Policy shall be reviewed no later than five years from its adoption. The MD-CEIU shall initiate and guide the review. The review shall take into account the views gathered through public consultations, including with Project-affected communities, AIIB Members, clients and other stakeholders” (PPM Policy, Clause 11.4).

PPM review is due in FY2024. PPM Policy Review Roadmap was endorsed by the Policy and Strategy Committee (PSC) of AIIB’s Board of Directors on Dec. 4, 2023.

Objective of the Review

Objective of PPM Policy is “to assess the effectiveness of the PPM and make recommendations to the Board of Directors (the Board) for enhancing the PPM’s visibility, accessibility, and responsiveness to Project-affected People, and AIIB’s accountability.”

Guiding Principles for the Review

  • The MD-CEIU initiates and guides the review.
  • Strict focus on the PPM Policy.
  • Transparency and disclosure of all relevant documents.
  • Inclusive and broad (internal and external) consultative process.
  • Build upon institutional experience and learning.
  • Clear distinction between findings of the review and potential policy revisions. As per the Rules of Procedure of the Board of Directors, the President, based on the MD-CEIU's proposal, will submit and include in the Board agenda any final recommended revisions of the policy to the Board.
  • Improve upon the current policy and further align it with best practices based on lessons learned from the experience of other IAMs.

Stakeholder Consultations

Stakeholder consultations for PPM Policy Review will be inclusive and broad-based. Consultations will aim to engage AIIB Members, Clients (sovereign and nonsovereign), civil society, project-affected communities and AIIB operational staff.

Both in-country and virtual consultations will be carried out for regional and nonregional members. Key documents will be translated in various languages. A summary report on stakeholder consultations will be issued.

Consultations Phases:



Phase 1a: Call for comments on the existing PPM Policy

The Complaints-resolution, Evaluation and Integrity Unit (CEIU) of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is conducting the PPM Policy review. While in-country and virtual stakeholder consultations will begin in Q2, 2024, we are inviting comments on the existing PPM Policy. You can send us your written comments with the following information:

  • Subject: “Submission: PPM Policy Review.”
  • First and last name of contact.
  • Affiliation/organization.
  • Telephone number.
  • Email address and/or mailing address.

During the public consultation, written comments can be sent through the following channels:

  • Online: Feedback Form
  • Email: ppmreview@aiib.org
  • Mail: Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Tower A, Asia Financial Center, No.1 Tianchen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, China

Deadline: July 31, 2024

Phase 1b: In-Country and Virtual Consultations

More details will be disclosed at a later date.

Phase 2: Consultations on the Revised Draft Policy

More details will be disclosed at a later date.

Stakeholder Engagement Plan

We are preparing a detailed Stakeholder Engagement Plan as part of the PPM Review Approach Paper that will be discussed with AIIB’s Board of Directors’ March 2024 Meeting. The Approach Paper will be disclosed publicly. The Stakeholder Engagement Plan will contain details about in-country and virtual stakeholder consultations.