Issued by the Managing Director, Complaints-resolution, Evaluation and Integrity Unit (CEIU)
June 13, 2019




Issuer Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)
CEIUComplaints-resolution, Evaluation and Integrity Unit
CRCompliance Review
CSOcivil society organization
DRDispute Resolution
ESPEnvironmental and Social Policy
GRMgrievance redress mechanism
IAMindependent accountability mechanism
MD-CEIUManaging Director, CEIU
NGOnongovernmental organization
PPMProject-Affected People’s Mechanism
PSI Project Summary Information
MAPManagement Action Plan
TORTerms of Reference


Authorized RepresentativeAn individual or organization designated by the Requestors to help deliver a submission to the PPM.
ClientThe recipient or beneficiary of the AIIB financing for a Project or any other entity responsible for implementation of the Project.

(AIIB Environmental and Social Policy).
Closing DateFor Sovereign-backed loans: the date specified in a Sovereign-backed loan agreement (or later date established by AIIB by notice to the borrower and guarantor) after which AIIB may, by notice to such parties, terminate the right of the recipient to withdraw proceeds of the loan.

(Adapted from General Conditions for Sovereign-Backed Loans).

For Sovereign-backed guarantees: the date of completion of the Project.
FinancingA Sovereign-backed Financing or a Nonsovereign-backed Financing for a Project.

(AIIB Operational Policy on Financing).
ManagementAIIB’s Vice President and Chief Investment Officer; and Vice President, Policy and Strategy.
MemberThe member of AIIB (or other agency of the member which is authorized effectively to pledge the member’s full faith and credit) in whose territory the Project is located or for whose benefit the Financing is provided.

(AIIB Operational Policy on Financing).
Nonsovereign-backed FinancingAny Financing extended by AIIB that is not a Sovereign-backed Financing.

It includes any Financing to, or for the benefit of, a private enterprise or a sub-sovereign entity (such as a political or administrative sub-division of a Member or a public sector entity) that is not backed by a guarantee or counter-guarantee and indemnity provided by the Member to AIIB.

(AIIB Operational Policy on Financing).
ProjectA specific set of activities for which AIIB is (i) considering to provide Financing (ii) or has approved Financing or (iii) has provided Financing.

For the purposes of this definition, AIIB will be deemed to be “considering to provide Financing” if the Project Summary Information Sheet (PSI) for the Project has been disclosed.
Project-affected peoplePeople who may be beneficially or adversely affected by an AIIB-financed Project.
RequestorsTwo or more Project-affected people in the Project area of influence.
RetaliationRetaliation is any detrimental act recommended, threatened or taken (directly or indirectly) against any person to silence him or her, prevent his or her interaction with the PPM or filing of a submission.

Forms of Retaliation include harassment, discriminatory treatment, withholding of entitlement, risks to livelihood or reputation and threats of physical violence, criminalization or incarceration.
Sovereign-backed Financing(i) a loan extended by AIIB to, or guaranteed by, a Member; or

(ii) a guarantee extended by AIIB that: (A) covers debt service defaults under a loan that are caused by a Government’s failure to meet a specific obligation in relation to the Project or by a borrower’s failure to make a payment under the loan; and (B) is accompanied by a Member indemnity.

(AIIB Operational Policy on Financing).
Working Day(s)A day from Monday to Friday that AIIB is open for business, excluding holidays.

Reference to Working Days in these Rules of Procedure excludes time required for translating material submitted by Project-affected people. This may require variable amounts of time, depending on the complexity of the submission and the official or national language involved.

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