1. ROP: General Provisions
    1. Access to AIIB Personnel and Information. The MD-CEIU has full access to AIIB personnel and files relevant to submissions handled by the PPM, including electronic files, cabinets and other information storage facilities, relevant to submissions received and processed by the PPM. AIIB personnel fully cooperate with the MD-CEIU in enabling this access.
    2. Periodic Reporting to the Board. The PPM submits annual reports to the Board on the status of submissions, including on the implementation of any MAPs. Its report may reference information with due regard to requested confidentiality of individuals and information. The PPM indicates when publication of information has been restricted to protect confidentiality.
    3. Legal Advice. The General Counsel, as the legal advisor to AIIB, advises MD-CEIU, as needed, on matters related to the PPM. In providing legal advice to the PPM, the General Counsel ensures that there is no conflict of interest or, should a conflict of interest arise, adequately manages the conflict so that the PPM can properly discharge its obligations on the basis of independent legal advice. Where the General Counsel determines that, in order to inform his/her advice, the assistance of external counsel is required, the General Counsel appoints the counsel following AIIB’s standard procedures for hiring external counsel. If MD-CEIU considers the proposed choice of external counsel to be inimical to the functioning of the PPM, the General Counsel discusses alternative choices of external counsel with MD-CEIU with an aim to reach a mutually agreeable solution.
    4. Outreach, Training and Learning. In addition to the PPM’s function of handling submissions, it performs outreach, learning and training functions. The outreach function raises awareness of the opportunities it provides with Clients and other stakeholders that may be interested in, or affected by, AIIB-financed Projects. The training function raises awareness about the PPM with AIIB personnel. Under the learning function, the PPM collaborates with the other IAMs and MDBs and systematically captures and shares lessons learned to enhance effective implementation of the ESP. Attachment 5 below provides details on such outreach, learning and training functions.
    5. Future Review. A review of the PPM Policy will occur not later than five (5) years after its adoption. The aim is to ensure the PPM remains fit for purpose. The MD-CEIU will initiate and guide the review. The review will take into account the views gathered through public consultations, including with Project-affected communities, AIIB’s Members, Clients and other stakeholders.

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