Submission Form

You can make your submission through:

  1. Online Submission Form
  2. Use a standardized sample submission form (see below) and send your submission to PPM by email ( or by post to the address provided below.

Standardized sample submission forms:

The PPM has prepared a standardized optional PPM sample submission form to guide Requestors in preparing their submissions. The submission form is downloadable in Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Bengali, Chinese, English, Filipino, Hindi, Nepali, Russian, Sinhala, Tamil, Turkish, or Urdu. This form is being progressively translated into the official and national languages of AIIB Members where AIIB is currently financing Projects. Updates will be listed and accessible on this webpage. While the PPM has made efforts to verify the accuracy of these translations, English is the working language of the Bank and the English original of the PPM sample submission form is the only official AIIB version.

How To File a Submission

This section explains how you can make a submission to the PPM and what to include in your submission. Please send your submission to PPM by email ( or to the address provided below. You can also contact the PPM Secretariat for guidance on how to correctly file your submission at the same address:

Managing Director,

Complaints-resolution, Evaluation & Integrity Unit (CEIU)
Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), Tower A, Asia Financial Center, No.1 Tianchen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101
Email address:

Contact Number: +86-10-8358-0390
Fax Number: +86-10-8358-0003

The PPM is guided by its Policy and Rules of Procedure that explain PPM processes and procedures in detail. The main aspects of how to file a submission are summarized below, but please read carefully the PPM Rules of Procedure for full details on how to file a submission.

Who can file and Authorized Representative

Two or more Project-affected people (also known as Requestors) may file a submission and send it directly to the PPM.

As Requestors, you may also authorize an in-country representative (Authorized Representative) to file a submission on your behalf. This representative may be a relative, trusted individual or organization.

In exceptional situations when in-country representation is unavailable, you as the Requestors may designate an individual or organization representative outside of the country as your Authorized Representative to file a submission. The Authorized Representative provides necessary assistance in filing a submission with the PPM. For further information on who may file a submission, please see the PPM Rules of Procedure, Section 3.

Language and Other Written Communications

You may file your submissions and subsequent communications to the PPM in English or in any official or national language of your country.

Substantive parts of the submission will be translated by the PPM. You will be informed if translation will delay the processing of your submission and in such case, you will be informed of new submission processing dates.

For further information on the language of the submission, please see PPM Rules of Procedure, Section 6.2.

Request for Confidentiality

Once the PPM acknowledges receipt of the submission, it will remind you as Requestors (and your in-country Authorized Representative, if applicable) that you have the option to request confidentiality. You have 10 Working Days following the PPM’s acknowledgment to advise the PPM of your confidentiality request, if any. For further information on requesting confidentiality as part of your submission please see in particular, the PPM Rules of Procedure, Sections 6.1.1(c) and 6.4.3.

The PPM takes any confidentiality requests, if granted, into account in its communications with management, the Client and any other party. The PPM also initiates a due diligence review to assess possible risk of Retaliation and thereafter makes all reasonable efforts to reduce the risk of Retaliation to the Requestors. For further information on how the PPM handles issues of confidentiality, please see in particular, the PPM Rules of Procedure, Section 6.4.3 and 9.

Please note that there are some time limits for submissions and some eligibility requirements that must be met for a submission to be considered. The time limits and eligibility requirements vary depending on whether you are filing a Project Processing Query, a Request for Dispute Resolution or a Request for Compliance Review. Please review carefully the parts of PPM Rules of Procedure, Sections 4 and 5 that are relevant to your submission, to make sure that you meet these requirements. Indicative timeframes for processing the three types of submission can be found in the PPM Rules of Procedure, Attachment 3.

See How We Assist You: Confidentiality and Retaliation and the PPM Rules of Procedure Section 9 for more details.

Requirements for Filing Your Submission

Your submission needs to include the following information:

  1. Your name as Requestors, as well as address, contact details and preferred mode of contact.
  2. If designated, your Authorized Representative’s name and contact details and Requestors’ authorization to the Authorized Representative to file a submission on their behalf.
  3. Any request for confidentiality of the identity of the Requestors or of an in-country Authorized Representative or other information, and reasons for such request.
  4. Name and location of the AIIB-financed Project concerned.
  5. What you consider to be the direct and material adverse environmental or social issues to be addressed.

You, as Requestors, are encouraged, but not required, to provide the following additional information:

  1. The provisions of the AIIB Environmental and Social Policy that you consider have not been complied with and how.
  2. Any steps you have taken to resolve the issue (e.g., approaching the Client, the Project-level Grievance Redress Mechanism, AIIB Management, government, judicial or law enforcement bodies) and the outcome.
  3. The issues that are still not resolved.
  4. Your view of the best way to approach the issue and the most satisfactory result.
  5. Whether you are submitting a Project Processing Query, Request for Dispute Resolution or Request for Compliance Review.

For further information on the content of your submission, please see the PPM Rules of Procedure, Section 6.1 and Attachment 2: Sample Submission Form.

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