1. ROP: Persons Who May File a Submission
    1. Two or more Project-affected people (Requestors) may file a submission.
    2. The Requestors may send submissions directly to the PPM or they may authorize an in-country representative (Authorized Representative) to file a submission on their behalf. This representative may be a relative, trusted individual or organization.
    3. In exceptional situations, when in-country representation is unavailable, the Requestors may designate an individual or organization representative outside of the country as their Authorized Representative to file a submission. The Authorized Representative provides necessary assistance in filing a submission with the PPM.
    4. The PPM acknowledges receipt of the submission to the Requestors (with a copy to the Authorized Representative) and initiates communication about the submission with the Requestors.
    5. The PPM does not accept anonymous submissions. This is because the PPM needs sufficient detail to communicate with those who approach it.

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