The Project-Specific Window (PSW) is a Special Fund that will allow AIIB to accept, manage, and disburse grant co-financings on behalf of contributors into eligible AIIB projects. Established in March 2024, the PSW responds to the growing demand from clients for concessional financing and partners that wish to provide grant support to specific projects in AIIB’s Rolling Investment Pipeline.


Projects eligible for support under the PSW will be those that: (i) are in AIIB Members classified as either low- or middle-income or small island economies at the time of project screening; and (ii) have passed AIIB’s screening and have been included in the Bank’s Rolling Investment Pipeline prior to the consideration for PSW support.

Supported Activities

The PSW grant will co-finance any activities that are necessary to meet the project’s objectives, are included in the project’s financing plan and are executed by the client.

Funding Source

Eligible contributors to the PSW can be: (i) any AIIB Member, subject to the approval of the AIIB President; and (ii) a non-Member or other entities such as multilateral facilities, international organizations, and philanthropies, subject to the approval by AIIB Board of Directors.

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