Information as of Dec. 22, 2017. This FAQ will be updated periodically. Please follow the in-text links to view relevant pages with updated information.

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How many projects has AIIB approved?

AIIB’s Board of Directors has approved 32 projects. Project approval was guided by the Bank’s strategic goals and thematic priorities.

How much has AIIB invested in projects?

AIIB has invested USD6.4 billion in 32 projects.

How many members does AIIB have?

AIIB has 87 members and is open to accepting additional members.

Where is AIIB headquartered?

AIIB is headquartered in Beijing, China.

How was AIIB established?

AIIB opened its doors on Jan. 16, 2016, following a 15-month participatory process during which our 57 founding members worked collaboratively to shape our core philosophy, principles, policies, value system and operating platform.

Our foundation is built on the lessons of experience of successful private sector companies and existing multilateral development banks. AIIB aims to create a better tomorrow for billions of people by investing in sustainable infrastructure in Asia and beyond. We are driven by our core values of Lean, Clean and Green.

How many member regions has AIIB invested in?

AIIB has invested in 12 member regions.

Organizational Structure
What is AIIB’s reporting structure?

All powers of the Bank are vested in our Board of Governors, which is the highest decision-making body under our Articles of Agreement.

Our nonresident Board of Directors is responsible for the direction of the general operations of the Bank, exercising all the powers delegated to it by the Board of Governors, among them: approving AIIB’s strategy and annual plan and budget, establishing policies, making decisions concerning the operation of the Bank, supervising the management and the operation of AIIB and establishing an oversight mechanism.

How do I know when a project will be approved?

Each proposed project listed on the website has a project summary that includes the anticipated date of review by the Board of Directors.

How do I apply for the AIIB Project Preparation Special Fund?

The AIIB Project Preparation Special Fund provides grants to support and facilitate the preparation of an application for funding support.

Please visit the AIIB Project Preparation Special Fund page to learn more about the application process.

How long is AIIB’s project approval process?

There are many factors that determine how long it will take to approve a project.

Please visit the project process page to learn more about the six steps of the project process.

How do I submit a project for funding consideration?

AIIB's project process is guided by its strategic goals and thematic priorities: sustainable infrastructure, cross-country connectivity and private capital mobilization. For more information about the application and approval process, please visit the project process page.

Is AIIB actively recruiting new members?

AIIB is an open and inclusive multilateral financial institution. Our doors are always open to countries and regions dedicated to promoting economic and social development in Asia. Membership in AIIB shall be open to members of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development or the Asian Development Bank.

Does AIIB have country strategies for its members?

AIIB does not have country strategies for its members. AIIB will review any project that is aligned with the Bank’s thematic priorities and will bring clear benefits to Asia.

Which members will receive financial support?

Any AIIB member can submit a proposal for funding. We can lend to members beyond Asia if the project delivers a clear benefit to the region.

What is the difference between sovereign-backed loans and nonsovereign-backed loans?

Sovereign-Backed financing is considered a loan to, or guaranteed by, a member. Nonsovereign-Backed financing includes any financing to or for the benefit of a private enterprise or a subsovereign entity (such as a political or administrative subdivision of a member or a public sector entity) that is not backed by a guarantee or counter-guarantee and indemnity provided by the member to the Bank.

For more information, please visit the financing operations page to learn more about the different types of financing offered by AIIB.

What standards does AIIB follow when co-financing a project?

Any project that might receive funding from AIIB, regardless of whether it is a stand-alone project or a co-financed project, must meet AIIB’s standards and must be financially viable, environmentally friendly and welcomed by local communities. Please see our Environmental and Social Framework for more details about our environmental and social standards.

Career Opportunities
How do I apply for a job at AIIB?

Please go to Career Opportunities to learn more about career openings.

How do I apply for the Young Professionals Program at AIIB?

The intake for the Young Professionals Program is currently closed. Please visit this page to learn more about the program and what we look for in candidates.

Do I have to be of a specific nationality to work at AIIB?

AIIB is committed to open, fair and transparent recruitment practices and will consider applications from individuals with any nationality.