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How many projects has AIIB approved?

AIIB’s President and Board of Directors have approved 257 projects. Project approval was guided by the Bank’s strategic goals and thematic priorities.

How much has AIIB invested in projects?

AIIB has invested USD50.99 billion in 257 projects.

How many members does AIIB have?

AIIB has 109 members – 96 Full Members and 13 Prospective Members – and is open to accepting additional members.

Where is AIIB headquartered?

AIIB is headquartered in Beijing, China.

How was AIIB established?

AIIB opened its doors on Jan. 16, 2016, following a 15-month participatory process during which our 57 founding members worked collaboratively to shape our core philosophy, principles, policies, value system and operating platform.

Our foundation is built on the lessons of experience of successful private sector companies and existing multilateral development banks. AIIB aims to create a better tomorrow for billions of people by investing in sustainable infrastructure in Asia and beyond. We are driven by our core values of Lean, Clean and Green.

How many economies has AIIB invested in?

AIIB has invested in 37 members.

Organizational Structure
What is AIIB’s reporting structure?

All powers of the Bank are vested in our Board of Governors, which is the highest decision-making body under our Articles of Agreement.

Our nonresident Board of Directors is responsible for the direction of the general operations of the Bank, exercising all the powers delegated to it by the Board of Governors, among them: approving AIIB’s strategy and annual plan and budget, establishing policies, making decisions concerning the operation of the Bank, supervising the management and the operation of AIIB and establishing an oversight mechanism.

Our organizational chart can be found here.

Additional information about our leadership team can be found here.

Is AIIB actively recruiting new members?

AIIB is an open and inclusive multilateral financial institution. Our doors are always open to countries and regions dedicated to promoting economic and social development in Asia. Membership in AIIB shall be open to members of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development or the Asian Development Bank.

Does AIIB have country strategies for its members?

AIIB does not have country strategies for its members. AIIB will review any project that is aligned with the Bank’s thematic priorities and will bring clear benefits to Asia.

Which members will receive financial support?

Any AIIB member can submit a proposal for funding. We can lend to members beyond Asia if the project delivers a clear benefit to the region.

What is the difference between sovereign-backed loans and nonsovereign-backed loans?

Sovereign-Backed financing is considered a loan to, or guaranteed by, a member. Nonsovereign-Backed financing includes any financing to or for the benefit of a private enterprise or a subsovereign entity (such as a political or administrative subdivision of a member or a public sector entity) that is not backed by a guarantee or counter-guarantee and indemnity provided by the member to the Bank.

For more information, please visit the financing operations page to learn more about the different types of financing offered by AIIB.

What standards does AIIB follow when co-financing a project?

Any project that might receive funding from AIIB, regardless of whether it is a stand-alone project or a co-financed project, must meet AIIB’s standards and must be financially viable, environmentally friendly and welcomed by local communities. Please see our Environmental and Social Framework for more details about our environmental and social standards.

Career Opportunities
Job Opportunities and Open Positions
I want to work at AIIB, where can I find job openings and vacancies? How do I apply for a position?

All vacancies are posted on the Job Opportunities section of our website. Applicants have the option of refining the search based on job function, job title or keywords. Click on “Apply Now” for the job advertisement you are interested in then follow the directions. Either create a new profile or log back in if you’re a returning candidate. For your application to be considered, you will need to complete your candidate profile account information including details on personal information, qualifications, skills and additional information.

What is the hierarchy of AIIB Professional Staff?

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Director General
  • Manager
  • Principal
  • Senior Officer
  • Officer
  • Associate
  • Analyst

Does AIIB hire staff only from its members? Are there nationality quotas?

AIIB has a global recruitment strategy to hire the best experts worldwide. All qualified candidates worldwide are welcome to apply regardless of their racial, ethnic, religious and cultural background, gender, sexual orientation or disabilities. There are no nationality quotas and no percentage limits on regional and nonregional hires. AIIB intends to have wide geographic and diverse representation among its staff, with professional and technical competency as paramount criteria.

What are the principles governing recruitment?

Recruitment of staff is conducted through a merit-based competitive selection process. Selection is based on technical competence, experience in related sectors, educational background, etc. AIIB shall strive to provide employment opportunities open to all suitably qualified applicants, regardless of religion, gender, race, disability, sexual orientation or nationality.

May I send a CV for potential job opportunities even if there is no job opening?

For vacancies with a higher frequency, you have the option of visiting the Future Opportunities tab on our careers page. Here you can register your interest for positions in advance of their opening. We recommend you regularly visit our careers page and follow our LinkedIn and Twitter pages to see our latest and upcoming vacancies and identify opportunities that align with your experience and skills.

How do I know if you have received my application? Will AIIB inform me about the status of my application?

Once you apply for a position, you will receive an email notification confirming receipt of your application and resumé. Due to the high volume of applications, only candidates shortlisted for a position will be notified. Applicants may view their application status online by logging onto the AIIB Career E-Recruitment Platform.

How does the interview process work?

We use competency-based panel interview and online assessment (psychometric testing, written exercise) but there are a variety of other selection tools we use where necessary. You will be given details of any assessment when you are invited for an interview.

Typically, how long is the recruitment process?

When the application period ends, the hiring team reviews applications based on the position requirements and your submitted profile. If your application is selected, a member of our hiring team will be in touch to arrange an interview. If your application is not selected, we will keep your resumé in our database in case it matches other opportunities in the future.

From application to outcome the recruitment process takes about 2-3 months. We understand the pressures of looking for work and will do our best to make quick decisions and take decisive action whenever possible. You can always track the status of your application through the AIIB Career E-Recruitment Platform when you log in. when you log in.

Can I still apply if the position I wanted to apply for is no longer listed or the deadline has expired?

We regularly post new positions and remove positions that are no longer open. It is essential to submit your application in the e-recruitment system before midnight GMT+8 of the job posting’s closing date. Regrettably, we are unable to accept late applications.

Do you have a contact or email address where I can send my resumé? How can I get further assistance on my application?

Due to the high volume of applications received by AIIB, we are not able to respond to all individual queries as promptly as we would like. We recommend that you read the information provided on our website carefully. We only accept applications submitted via our online recruitment system. Offline paper applications or applications sent via e-mail will not be accepted.

Can I apply for multiple positions?

Yes. Please apply for each position of interest that matches your experience and the requirements as specified by the position. Your application will be reviewed against each job for which you apply.

What’s the working culture like at AIIB?

We work together to continuously improve our organizational practices so that AIIB staff can express their talents at their best. Lean and green thinking guides all our actions and we work to make AIIB a clean institution practicing the highest ethical standards. We aim to build a diverse community of excellent professionals who drive innovation and question and challenge the status quo for the best results. We welcome diversity of thought and background and our staff are asked to be team players, valuing open and candid exchange of ideas.

Does AIIB allow employment of spouse/relatives of staff?

No. To ensure that the highest ethical standards are not compromised by familial relationships, the partner or close relative of an AIIB staff member may not work as staff at the Bank.

How will AIIB ensure its staff retain and continuously hone expertise?

AIIB is working on a comprehensive staff knowledge and training program that will offer a menu of options to help staff retain and refresh their skills to best serve AIIB’s clients.

What languages are used at AIIB?

AIIB’s official language is English. All positions require proficiency in oral and written English.

Will AIIB have offices in other countries?

AIIB is headquartered in Beijing, at the Olympic Forest Park in Chaoyang. Job opportunities we offer are located at our headquarters.

I cannot find vacancies for internships. Do you have an internship program?

AIIB offers eligible students an internship opportunity to acquire direct practical experience in AIIB’s work, guided by AIIB professionals. The annual selection process for the internship program normally starts in late December. For more information and application instructions, click here.

How many interns does AIIB accept?

The number of interns hired for a given year depends on the business needs and capacity of offices to receive and supervise interns.

How long does the selection process take?

The selection process consists of four main stages: online application, screening of applications, interview and/or written test and offer extension (if applicable).

After your application has been successfully submitted in the system, you will receive confirmation via e-mail. We aim to let all candidates know whether they have been shortlisted several weeks after the application closing date.

What is the starting date of internship?

The specific start date will be mutually agreed upon by the candidates and the business units.

Are there any part-time internship opportunities?

No. AIIB internship is on a full-time basis. We don’t offer part-time opportunities.

If I’ve already graduated from university, am I still eligible for the internship program?

Candidates must be enrolled in full-time masteral or doctoral graduate study programs with plans to return to school. Candidates who have already graduated or are enrolled in a nondiploma program are not eligible.

What fields of studies are most in demand at AIIB?

The most common fields of study are: economics, finance, human development, social science, agriculture, environment, private sector development and other related fields that align with AIIB’s mandate.

Will I be hired by AIIB after my internship?

Interns are encouraged to apply for full-time AIIB positions after they graduate.

How are interns paid? Does AIIB provide accommodation for nonlocal interns?

Interns will be paid in US Dollars. The allowance varies year to year in accordance with the budget availability and market rates. Interns are responsible for their own accommodation arrangements.

Legal Associate Program
What is the Legal Associate Program?

AIIB introduced a Legal Associate Program (LAP) with the objective of forming, in house, young lawyers to cater to the Bank’s legal needs both for private and public sector operations. It is a rotational program which identifies, hires, grows and develops young talents of the highest caliber and with the passion for international development.

How long are the placements for?

The LAP will start with a two-year contract based in Beijing within the Legal Department (LEG), where the Legal Associates (LAs) engage in intensive training (on-the-job and in-classroom settings) on the fundamentals of lawyering at AIIB on development operations.

What will the Legal Associate’s role be?

LAs will contribute to the work program of LEG’s different units while building networks and knowledge across AIIB. They may also join field missions where needed to assist senior lawyers on the frontlines of AIIB operations, learning key aspects of the Bank’s legal operational work, including engagement with AIIB clients.

Will I receive any additional training?

LAs will receive intensive training on the policies, products and operations of AIIB to ensure they know how to operationalize AIIB solutions to operational challenges, mitigate legal risks in AIIB-financed operations and assist internal clients in preparing quality projects. LAs will also be given the opportunity to attend selected training programs on operational themes organized by the Human Resources Department.

How does the selection process for Legal Associates work?

The program will target highly talented and promising candidates. Selection will be conducted on as wide a geographical basis as possible. To be eligible for the LAP, the candidates must:

  • Have an advanced law degree (Master’s/LLM/JD) from a recognized educational institution.
  • Have a minimum of two years of full-time, relevant legal professional experience.
  • Be admitted to practice law in at least one jurisdiction.
  • Be fluent in English.
  • Have passion for development and commitment to AIIB’s mission.
What skills do you look for in a Legal Associate?

The LA must:

  • Exhibit sufficient professional independence and maturity as well as discretion and sensitivity required for operating in a multicultural setting.
  • Demonstrate strong legal knowledge to support drafting legal documents with limited supervision.
  • Be able to identify and critically analyze legal issues and provide solutions.
  • Be able to work in teams.
  • Possess strong communication skills and the ability to present information in a clear and concise manner.
Graduate Program
What is the Graduate Program?

AIIB’s Graduate Program is a two-year program with rotational assignments under one of five streams to provide successful candidates with hands-on experience and training and allow them to build foundational skills and networks in their relevant fields.

The program’s five streams include: Investment, Finance, Risk Management, Strategy, and Corporate.

Can I apply to multiple streams? What about multiple positions under the same stream?

Applicants can apply to different positions simultaneously regardless of stream. However, they can only be accepted to one stream. Current open positions can be found here.

What is the start date of the Graduate Program? Where is the role located?

Successful candidates are expected to be based in Beijing for the duration of their assignment. AIIB will provide them with necessary assistance (visa, flight, relocation allowance) to help them with their onboarding and relocation between June and September 2022.