1. ROP: Eligibility of Submissions
    1. General Eligibility Criteria Applicable to All Submissions. A submission is ineligible to be considered by the PPM if:
      1. It does not relate to a Project that has been approved for financing by AIIB or in relation to which a PSI has been disclosed;
      2. It is anonymous;
      3. It raises allegations of fraud, corruption or other Prohibited Practices or relates to procurement;
      4. It relates to any AIIB policy other than the ESP;
      5. It relates to the adequacy of the ESP;
      6. The Project is co-financed by another multilateral development bank (MDB) or bilateral development organization, and AIIB has agreed with such co-financier to the application of the environmental and social policies and procedures and to rely on the Independent Accountability Mechanism (IAM) of that co-financier;
      7. It is filed outside the time limits set out under Section 4 (Time Limits for Filing a Submission) of these Rules of Procedure;
      8. The Requestors have not made good faith efforts to resolve the issues with the Project-level GRM and Management or have not indicated to the satisfaction of the PPM why they have been unable to do so. A valid reason could include nonexistence or nonfunctioning of the Project-level GRM or a legitimate fear of Retaliation if a Project-level GRM is used;
      9. It raises issues that have already been considered by the PPM, unless there is new evidence or circumstances not known at the time of the previous submission; or
      10. It has been filed fraudulently, with frivolous, malicious or improper intent or to gain undue competitive advantage.
    2. Additional Eligibility Criteria for Compliance Reviews. In addition, a request for Compliance Review is ineligible to be considered by the PPM if:
      1. It relates to actions or inactions that do not involve AIIB’s failure to comply with the ESP or otherwise raises issues unrelated to AIIB’s failure to comply with the ESP;
      2. It relates to activities, parties or impacts beyond the reasonable control of AIIB (including the conduct of any Client or any third party, unless that conduct is directly relevant to assessment of AIIB’s compliance with the ESP);
      3. It relates to laws, policies, or regulations of AIIB’s Member government, unless they directly relate to AIIB’s compliance with the ESP;
      4. It relates to matters concurrently under arbitral or judicial review, save when the Board of Directors authorizes the PPM to process such request; or
      5. It relates to the subject matter of an ongoing Project Processing Query or a Dispute Resolution.

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