1. ROP: Disclosure
    1. Disclosure of information by the PPM is carried out in accordance with AIIB’s Policy on Public Information. Accordingly, unless a request for confidentiality has been granted by the PPM, and subject to any redaction, the following documents relating to submissions are disclosed and updated on the PPM website, in accordance with the timelines referred to above in Section 6 (Processing Submissions).
      1. All eligible submissions;
      2. PPM’s acknowledgement of receipt of eligible submissions; and
      3. PPM’s eligibility report for all submissions.
    2. The following additional information is disclosed on the PPM website in accordance with the timelines referred to above in Section 6 (Processing Submissions):
      1. In the case of a Project Processing Query: a summary of actions taken at the Project level.
      2. In the case of a Dispute Resolution: The Dispute Resolution agreement (if the parties agree to disclose the agreement) and PPM’s periodic Dispute Resolution agreement monitoring reports; or a summary of the Dispute Resolution process, if no Dispute Resolution agreement has been reached or if the parties do not agree to disclose it.
      3. In the case of a Compliance Review:
        1. The Decision of the Board of Directors on the PPM’s recommendation to approve the Compliance Review or other course of action, or the PPM report explaining its decision not to recommend a Compliance Review or another course of action for Board approval or its decision to pursue another course of action which it determines does not require Board approval;,
        2. The Terms of Reference (TOR) prepared by the PPM for the Compliance Review;
        3. The Final Compliance Review report;
        4. Management’s response to the Compliance Review report;
        5. any MAP approved by the Board of Directors; and
        6. Any periodic MAP status reports.