Beijing, China, March 28, 2017

AIIB Announces New Projects; Total Loans Tops US$2 Billion

New loans will finance projects in Indonesia and Bangladesh

The Board of Directors of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) recently approved three loans totaling US$285 million, bringing the bank’s total lending to over US$2 billion, in support of its members as they seek to improve the socio-economic living conditions of their citizens. The loans will contribute to the safety and functionality of the water supply from large reservoirs in Indonesia, improve access to infrastructure finance for regional Indonesian governments, and increase operational flexibility and supply integrity of a gas transmission network in Bangladesh.

"The loans approved by our Board of Directors are different in their focus, but united in their efforts to leverage infrastructure spending to stimulate growth and improve the quality of life for local communities," said D.J. Pandian, Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, AIIB. "We value the ongoing collaboration with our multilateral development bank partners to be able to bring this much-needed financing to Indonesia and Bangladesh."

Project details are as follows:

• US$125 million loan for Indonesia Dam Operational Improvement and Safety Project Phase II, co-financed with the World Bank. The dam improvement project in Indonesia will play a critical role in boosting shared prosperity by increasing the resilience to changes in climate through better infrastructure safety and operations, more protection from dam failure, and enhancing reservoir operations to improve water delivery service provision for domestic and agriculture use. Additional project details can be found here.

• US$100 million loan for Indonesia Regional Infrastructure Development Fund Project, co-financed with the World Bank. The investment in the Regional Infrastructure Development Fund will support Indonesian regional governments to address their critical infrastructure needs more effectively by overcoming annual funding constraints. Currently available financing instruments in Indonesia are limited and ill-fit for the nature and scale of the required urban and local municipal infrastructure investment. Facilitating medium- to long-term financing to meet the local infrastructure gap is a critical priority for the Government of Indonesia. Additional project details can be found here.

• US$60 million loan for Bangladesh Natural Gas Infrastructure and Efficiency Improvement Project, co-financed with the Asian Development Bank. To address the gas supply deficit that will eventually impact Bangladesh’s energy security and constrain the nation’s economic growth, the Government of Bangladesh has taken steps to diversify the gas supply through imports either by cross-border gas transmission pipeline or as liquefied natural gas. The project fits within these development plans to avoid a gas crisis. Additional project details can be found here.

More details on these and upcoming projects may be found at here.

As a multilateral financial institution with developing countries as its majority shareholders, AIIB’s investments are focused on the areas that matter most to its clients. Guided by their needs, the bank is investing in sustainable infrastructure, cross-country connectivity and mobilization of private capital. Based on these themes, the bank will leverage its relationships with other multilateral development banks and private financiers to meet Asia’s growing infrastructure demands and contribute to social and economic growth in the region.

About AIIB

AIIB is a new multilateral financial institution founded to bring countries together to address the daunting infrastructure needs across Asia. Headquartered in Beijing, AIIB was established in January 2016 and has now grown to 70 approved members from all over the world. Its mission is to improve economic and social development in Asia by investing in high quality, financially viable and environmentally friendly infrastructure projects.


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