AIIB is committed to the highest standards of integrity in its operations. One of the first policies adopted by AIIB was its anti-corruption policy called the Policy on Prohibited Practices (PPP), which defines practices sanctionable by AIIB and establishes a sanctions regime.

In the fulfillment of its mandate, CEIU may:
  • Conduct investigations of suspected prohibited practices.
  • Compile lessons learned from investigations and sharing with the relevant departments as inputs to process improvements and preventive measures in AIIB operations.
  • Conduct staff training on the Policy on Prohibited Practices (PPP) and integrity issues in AIIB operations.
  • Report periodically to the AIIB Board of Directors or the Audit and Risk Committee on the investigation of cases and findings.
  • Submit investigation findings to the Sanctions Officer who will then review these findings and determine whether a Prohibited Practice was committed. The decision of the Sanctions Officer may be appealed to the Sanctions Panel, whose decision shall be final.
  • Cooperate and coordinate with the integrity functions of other multilateral development banks and organizations.