August, 2017

Complaints Handling Mechanism

Update on Public Consultation for the Proposed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) Complaints Handling Mechanism (CHM)

AIIB thanks the many organizations and individuals from academia, civil society, private sector and United Nations system that took part in Phase I Public Consultation for AIIB’s proposed Complaints Handling Mechanism. This marks a strong start to building an effective CHM.

CEIU is now consulting AIIB Management, Board and AIIB Members that have borrowed or intend to borrow from AIIB. CEIU will finalize a draft CHM paper that takes into consideration these, and earlier Phase I, consultations. It is anticipated that this draft will be posted on the AIIB website to initiate Phase II consultations in January 2018. Phase II consultation will be open for 60 days.


Policy-related Inquiries

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