Beijing, China, February 10, 2020

AIIB to Invest in Emergency Public Health Infrastructure in China

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) announced today it has been in active discussions with the Government of China to strengthen the country’s emergency public health infrastructure. Subject to the approval of its Board of Directors, AIIB stands ready to support China through public health infrastructure loans to meet the government’s immediate and longer-term public health needs.

“People from over 50 nations work at AIIB and we have all made China our home. With the full impacts of this epidemic still unknown, we want to do our part as residents of China to help stop its spread,” said AIIB President Jin Liqun. “In line with AIIB’s mission, we will also work with the Government of China to identify effective public health infrastructure investments that will prevent the rapid spread of future outbreaks.”

As a way to give back to the community where AIIB’s staff live and work, the Bank is also matching staff donations to purchase medical equipment to help China control the spread of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

According to the World Health Organization, “public health infrastructures contribute directly to final global public goods for health provision (e.g. sewers) and indirectly (e.g. education).” Further investment from multilateral partners, such as AIIB, can help strengthen China’s public health infrastructure, which can have a lasting and global health impact.

President Jin further stated, “We look forward to working with other multilateral development banks, private partners and other funders who wish to join hands in bolstering China and other members’ ability to respond to and deal with epidemics and other public health emergencies. These types of investments will not only improve the health of Chinese citizens but can have a global impact in terms of prevention and education.”

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