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What project criteria are necessary for applying for financing?

At a minimum, the proposed project must be:

  • Located within the territory of a Member of the AIIB*.
  • Compliant with our environmental and social standards and those of the host country.
  • Of demonstrable economic benefit.

You may find a list of approved AIIB financings here.

* AIIB may, through a super majority vote by the Board of Governors and only under special circumstances, provide financing to a non-member. See Article 11 of AIIB’s Articles of Agreement for more information.

What types of financing does AIIB provide?

We currently provide sovereign-backed financing, nonsovereign-backed financing and we can invest in equity funds and platforms. Please visit our Financing Operations webpage and read our Operational Policy on Financing for further information, including information about our pricing policy.

Who can apply for financing?

AIIB may provide or facilitate financing to any member, or any agency, instrumentality or political subdivision thereof, or any entity or enterprise operating in the territory of a member, as well as to international or regional agencies or entities concerned with the economic development of Asia.

Prospective members will only be eligible for financing after they become a member. Our full list of members and prospective members can be viewed here.

What are the AIIB’s strategic priorities in financing?

We invest in infrastructure and other productive sectors. Sectors of particular interest to us include (but are not limited to) energy, transport, information and communications technology, water and urban development.

AIIB’s financing decisions are guided by four thematic priorities—green infrastructure, connectivity and regional cooperation, technology-enabled infrastructure and private capital mobilization—and sector strategies that have been approved by our Board of Directors.

Links to our sector strategies may be found below:

Will AIIB finance private sector projects?

We may provide or facilitate financing for both public and private sector projects.

Does AIIB provide concessional finance?

AIIB does not offer financing under concessional terms. We have the AIIB Project Preparation Special Fund (the Fund) that provides grants for project preparation to finance the preparation of projects to be financed by AIIB in eligible member countries. The Fund can be used for project preparation only if the project has been considered for financing by the Bank. Regarding private sector projects, sponsors are expected to fund preparation costs. The resources of the Fund may be used for a project proposed for nonsovereign-backed financing only where a compelling case has been made to demonstrate the need for use of Fund resources.

For the criteria and procedures for accessing the AIIB Project Preparation Special Fund, please refer to the Rules and Regulations.