Beijing, April 21, 2021

First Meeting of the Heads of the Multilateral Development Banks 2021

AIIB President Jin Liqun chairs the first Heads of the MDBs meeting in 2021.

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’s (AIIB) President Jin Liqun chaired the first meeting in 2021 of the Heads of the Multilateral Development Banks (MDB) today.  

The Heads of the MDBs discussed pressing issues affecting development, with pandemic recovery and climate change being principal topics of discussion.  

The Heads discussed strengthening long-term health systems in the context of the global vaccine effort and the importance of continuing their complementary efforts to support countries in combating COVID-19.  

To address the climate emergency, the Heads also explored different actions they can take to better support their members’ efforts in achieving their Paris Agreement commitments. A joint working group is coordinating actions for this purpose, including agreement on a common definition of Paris Alignment for the MDBs.  

The responsibility for chairing the meeting rotates among the MDBs. As 2021 Chair, President Jin is also elevating the importance of digital infrastructure as an enabler of development in the 21st century. Future meetings of the Heads of the MDBs will explore the larger role technology and digital infrastructure should play in delivering sustainable and inclusive development for developing and emerging economies. 

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