BEIJING, February 05, 2016

Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank appoints 5 Vice-Presidents

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has today announced the following appointments:
-     Sir Danny Alexander to the position of Vice President, Corporate Secretary;
-     Dr. Kyttack Hong to the position of Vice President, Chief Risk Officer;
-     Dr. D.J. Pandian to the position of Vice President, Chief Investment Officer;
-     Dr. Joachim von Amsberg to the position of Vice President, Policy and       Strategy; and
-     Dr. Luky Eko Wuryanto to the position of Vice President, Chief Administration        Officer.

Announcing the appointments, AIIB’s President Jin Liqun said “I am delighted to announce the appointment of the AIIB’s senior leadership team. This is an exceptionally strong and committed group who bring wide and varied experience and a wealth of expertise that will serve the Bank well as it commences operations. I look forward to working closely with them in the years ahead.”

Vice President and Corporate Secretary
The primary responsibility of the Corporate Secretary is to manage communications between and among the Bank’s Management, the Board of Directors (BOD) and the Board of Governors (BOG). The position embraces several roles – trusted advisor, communications and liaison officer, and overall governance professional who is committed to advising on the best interests of the bank.

Sir Danny Alexander was one of the founders and leaders of the first UK coalition government since World War II. Sir Danny has over 20 years of professional experience. From 2010-2015 he served as Chief Secretary to the UK Treasury, where he secured more than £100 billion of public expenditure savings. He has played an active role in driving international cooperation on tax, trade and transparency during the UK G8 presidency. A seasoned negotiator and communicator, Sir Danny has engaged with diverse stakeholders and partners on key public policies. He led the work on UK infrastructure policy and delivery, leading to the first National Infrastructure Plan which is now embedded as an annual process. He helped to establish the Green Investment Bank in the UK and to develop and implement the UK Guarantee Scheme for infrastructure.

Vice President and Chief Risk Officer
The primary responsibility of the Chief Risk Officer is to lead the development and supervision of the Bank’s risk management activities, including both operational and financial risk, in order to support the Bank in achieving its goals in a financially sustainable manner.

Dr. Kyttack Hong is the Chairman and CEO of the Korea Development Bank (KDB). In this capacity he led the merger of KDB, KDB Financial Group (which he previously led as Chairman/CEO) and the Korea Finance Corporation into a consolidated KDB to reflect the evolving financial landscape. In this process he oversaw the organizational restructuring and human resources management, working with employees and management of the three institutions to improve organizational capacity and effectiveness. An economist and finance expert, Dr. Hong has had a career spanning over 30 years of public service and extensive experience as an outside director for a number of financial institutions, including the Korea Securities Depository, Samsung Credit Card Company, Tongyang Securities Company. Dr. Hong served as Professor and Dean of the School of Politics and Economics at Chung-Ahn University and Managing Editor of the Journal of Economic Development.

Vice President and Chief Investment Officer
The primary responsibility of the Chief Investment Officer is leading the planning and supervision of the Bank’s infrastructure investment by promoting sustainable investment throughout Asia that is consistent with the Bank’s vision, goals, and strategies, and by ensuring the relevance, effectiveness and efficiency of AIIB operations.

Dr. D. J. Pandian has had an extensive career spanning 30 years with the Indian Administrative Services, holding key positions at the State, National, and International levels in the energy (oil and gas, power, renewable), infrastructure, finance, and industry sectors. Dr. Pandian was instrumental in liberalizing the policy regime to attract international investment to crucial infrastructure sectors including power, airlines, ports and telecoms. During his career, he has served in the Government of Gujarat in various capacities including: Chief Secretary; Additional Chief Secretary, Industries and Mines; and Principle Secretary, Energy and Petrochemicals Department. Dr. Pandian established the Gujarat Energy Research and Management Institute and has served as chairman, director and trustee with a number of state-owned enterprises.

Vice President - Policy and Strategy
The primary responsibilities of the Vice President - Policy and Strategy are: to develop and monitor implementation of the Bank’s strategic agenda; to develop the policies and procedures for the Bank’s operational investment portfolio; to support implementation of the Bank’s operational policies, including environment and social, procurement and financial management; and to oversee compliance with all of the Bank’s operational policies.

Dr. Joachim von Amsberg is currently Vice President, Development Finance at the World Bank where he is responsible for the replenishment and stewardship of the International Development Association (IDA), the World Bank’s fund for the poorest, and for trust fund and partnership operations. As Vice President for Operations Policy and Country Services, Dr. von Amsberg oversaw the World Bank’s results agenda with its increased focus on achieving, measuring and communicating operational results and introduced the Program-for-Results lending product. He was responsible for the Bank’s operational risk functions including policies on procurement, financial management, social and environmental safeguards. He also oversaw the Bank’s modernization and reform agenda. During his 25 years at the World Bank he served as Country Director for Indonesia and the Philippines where he spearheaded the preparation of the country strategy partnerships together with the Governments and stakeholders, and managed the World Bank operational portfolios and analytical work programs. Dr. von Amsberg has authored a number of World Bank research reports and other publications.

Vice President and Chief Administration Officer
The primary responsibility of the Chief Administration Officer is to lead the planning, implementation and supervision of Human Resources Management, Information Technology, and Facilities and Administration Services through programs and activities that are aligned with AIIB’s mission and strategy, achieving effectiveness, efficiency and responsiveness.

Dr. Luky Eko Wuryanto has served in senior positions in the Indonesian government for 20 years, where he currently serves as Deputy Coordinating Minister for Infrastructure Acceleration and Regional Development, Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs. Under his leadership, the Committee for Acceleration of priority Infrastructure Delivery (KKPIP) oversees and coordinates the implementation of 225 National Strategic Projects totaling over US$100 billion and 22 priority projects totaling US$85 billion. During his career, Dr. Wuryanto has honed his strong organizational, administrative, execution and management expertise working on projects in the ports, roads, transport, energy , electricity, water and sanitation and public housing sectors. He played a key role in reaching consensus on the financing structure of many mega infrastructure projects in Indonesia.

The AIIB is a new multilateral financial institution designed to provide financial support for infrastructure development and regional connectivity in Asia. Headquartered in Beijing, the Bank is expected to foster sustainable economic development, create wealth and improve infrastructure connectivity in Asia by investing in infrastructure and other productive sectors. It will also promote regional cooperation and partnership in addressing development challenges by working in close collaboration with other multilateral and bilateral development institutions.


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