China, December 31, 2016

AIIB Project Preparation Special Fund is Open to Proposals

The AIIB Project Preparation Special Fund (the Fund) was established as a multi-donor fund on June 2016, with initial financial support from the People’s Republic of China in the amount of USD 50 million. The Bank has received the first installment payment.

The Fund will provide grants to support and facilitate the preparation of projects to be financed by the Bank in eligible member countries (International Development Association recipients, including International Development Association Blend countries). It will mainly benefit the preparation of sovereign backed projects undertaken by national governments or local governments. In exceptional circumstances, Fund resources may also be used for preparing innovative/complex projects, regional/cross-border projects that have significant regional impact and benefit other members or non-sovereign backed transactions where there is a demonstrable need. For criteria and procedures for using the Fund, please refer to the Rules and Regulations of the AIIB Project Preparation Special Fund approved by the Board of AIIB on June 24, 2016 (link to the Policy).

Eligible clients in need of the resources of the Fund may consult with the Project Team Leader of the project which is being considered by AIIB and submit application for consideration. A template of AIIB Project Preparation Special Fund for the clients with instructions is attached.

Questions on the Fund should be addressed to

Annex: Template of Application for AIIB Project Preparation Special Fund



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