Act Green Together

Act Green Together (AGT) is an initiative to make AIIB Annual Meetings more sustainable.

AGT was officially was launched as part of the 2019 AIIB Annual Meeting held in Luxembourg on July 12-13, 2019. AIIB worked with the Government of Luxembourg to strengthen the environmental management of the event and develop a bespoke carbon emission monitoring framework. The framework covered five main categories of the Annual Meeting’s carbon emissions: transportation, accommodation, venue, food and waste.

AIIB also encouraged all participants of the 2019 AIIB Annual Meeting to “Act Green Together” and play an active role in making environmentally responsible choices while attending the event, such as taking advantage of the free public transport or using digital documents.

The 2019 AIIB Annual Meeting achieved carbon neutrality after all unavoidable carbon emissions were offset .

Additional information about how carbon emissions were measured and offset can be found in: “Report on the Act Green Together Initiative for Annual Meeting Environmental Sustainability” and the report’s executive summary. Details on data collection and methodology are in the Annexes.

AIIB will continue to work with future Annual Meeting hosts to refine its framework for assessing event sustainability, and to involve participants in improving the sustainability of future Annual Meetings.