Act Green Together at the 2019 AIIB Annual Meeting

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is examining how it can ‘green’ all aspects of its operations, including the 2019 Annual Meeting. To support this goal, the Bank will make the meeting a carbon neutral event.

As part of our Act Green Together initiative, we will measure the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the Annual Meeting and aim to offset the impact by purchasing Certified Emissions Reductions to achieve carbon neutrality.

We are also partnering with the Government of Luxembourg to reduce overall emissions as far as possible by encouraging delegates to play an active role in making environmentally responsible choices while attending the event.

How to participate

Annual Meeting participants will be able to Act Green Together by choosing green actions, including taking advantage of the free public transport provided for delegates by the Government of Luxembourg.

AIIB has identified eight areas for action where green choices will help to reduce the environmental impact of the Annual Meeting:
  • Travelling on foot or by bicycle.
  • Travelling on public transport.
  • Sharing digital business cards.
  • Using digital documents.
  • Recycling your waste.
  • Choosing vegetarian dining options.
  • Switching off the power in your hotel room.
  • Bringing your own toiletries.

Upon arrival at the Annual Meeting registration desk, each registrant will receive an electronic button attached to their delegate badge.

Throughout the Annual Meeting venue there will be touchpoints for each of the eight actions.

Delegates can register green actions by clicking their electronic button at the relevant touchpoint and earn points for each green action they complete.

Top scoring participants will also receive a special, sustainable gift to recognise their contribution.

Please note, you must download the AIIB Event app to participate in Act Green Together.

Further details on how to Act Green Together in Luxembourg will be posted soon. Please check this page for updates.