Asian Infrastructure Finance 2021


The Asian Infrastructure Finance 2021 report examines how Asian economies, to different extents and in different ways, have integrated global value chains (GVCs) into their growth models. It emphasizes how critical infrastructure quality and capacity are to the agility and resilience of GVCs, as examined against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, increased trade tensions, rapid technological development, environmental pressures and other factors. Using case studies and research, the AIF 2021 report illustrates how GVCs have provided opportunities for countries and companies to become internationally competitive, in part through technological advancements and efficiency improvements.

It also examines how GVC engagement can nonetheless reinforce existing inequalities and explores possible paths for a just and inclusive transition, recognizing countries’ different starting points and capacities. The report highlights how green infrastructure, consistent with net zero transition, will become a source of competitive advantage and the key to sustaining future GVCs.