Our Vision

We are an organization that aims to create a better tomorrow by helping clients finance sustainable infrastructure and other productive sectors in Asia and beyond. We do this while being lean, clean and green—the core values that personify our organization.

Our President's Message

"We provide support to our members to improve economic and social development for people in Asia and beyond."

We Are Helping Our Members And Clients...

...transform an open desert in Benban into a solar power park to hasten Egypt’s use of renewable energy sources while decreasing the country’s dependency on gas and fuel.
...improve India’s rural roads in 1,060 villages of Gujarat to give access to about eight million people, 16.6 percent of whom are below the poverty line.
...create a 14.3-kilometer road to improve the regional connectivity of Georgia’s East-West Highway which carries over 60 percent of total foreign trade.
...reduce travel time in metropolitan areas of India by building an electric rapid transit system, improving the overall mobility of Bangalore’s urban population.
...connect about 216,751 Chinese households in 510 rural villages to the natural gas distribution network of Beijing, reducing coal use by about 650,000 tons annually.
...develop a broadband communications infrastructure to help Oman shift its economy away from a reliance on the export of hydrocarbons.
...augment the transmission and distribution networks of Andhra Pradesh to help about 49 million people in India by increasing access to grid-based electricity.
...enhance electricity supply capacity in India’s southern region to help about 280 million people in the country who are not connected to the power grid.
...improve flood management, drainage areas and pumping stations in the Philippines to protect about 970,000 people in about 210,000 households in Manila from worsening floods.
...boost the efficiency of three power-generating units in Tajikistan to help 70 percent of the population who suffer from electricity shortages during winters.
...enhance the efficiency of natural gas production and transmission in Bangladesh to address the gas supply deficit and energy security for the country’s 160 million people.
...upgrade Indonesia’s dams and ancillary structures to ensure the country’s water security and increase the safety and functionality of its water infrastructure.

In Addition, We Have Made An Investment...

...to the IFC Emerging Asia Fund to facilitate private equity investments in emerging Asia as we continue to foster sustainable economic development.
...of up to USD150 million to the India Infrastructure Fund, investing in infrastructure platforms and services companies with high growth potential.
...of USD100 million to help Indonesia access infrastructure finance through the creation of the Regional Infrastructure Development Fund.