The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is developing its inaugural Health Strategy to guide its investments in health, develop the business and increase value addition. AIIB is inviting interested parties to submit written comments on the outline of the health strategy to inform further development of the strategy. The outline sets out key elements of the strategy. Later this year, AIIB’s Board of Directors will consider the strategy for approval.

We Value Your Input

AIIB seeks input from stakeholders through written submissions on the strategy outline to inform further development of the health strategy.

AIIB may also conduct in-person (virtual) consultations with interested parties. If you wish to participate in a virtual session, please email

The consultation will run for eight weeks from Friday, May 24, 2024 to Thursday, July 18, 2024.

Submission Format

There is no set format for submissions. However, the questions below provide guidance on areas where we wish to receive feedback and input.

  1. Considering long-term trends, what are the key challenges and opportunities for AIIB in financing infrastructure for health?
  2. What are the key needs that health infrastructure must address in the future? What characteristics ensure long-term resilience and sustainability of health infrastructure?
  3. Which parts of the health value chain are most critical for fostering sustainable economic development in Asia?
  4. In which areas of health can AIIB add the most value, and how?
  5. What approach should AIIB take to its partnerships in health?
  6. How can the current strategic priorities be articulated to better provide strategic direction for AIIB?
How to Participate:

Written submissions should be sent to AIIB with the following information:

  1. Caption: “Submission: Health Strategy”.
  2. First and last name of contact.
  3. Affiliation/organization.
  4. Type of organization: international/multilateral organization, government entity, health company, civil society organization, philanthropic, academia/thinktank.
  5. Email address and/or mailing address.

AIIB contact information:

Mail: Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Tower A, Asia Financial Center, No.1 Tianchen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, China

Deadline for submissions: July 18, 2024

Additional information

For more information, email:

Questions and Answers

Why is AIIB developing a health strategy?

AIIB is developing a health strategy as health is critical to the Bank’s mandate of fostering sustainable economic development in Asia. Healthy populations underpin economic productivity and are important to social sustainability and inclusion. The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted once again the importance of strong public health infrastructure.

Building on AIIB’s accumulated experience in health financing both through the COVID-19 pandemic and the creation of the Social Infrastructure Department in 2021, the health strategy will better guide AIIB, develop its business and generate value.

What is the purpose of the health strategy?

The objectives of the health strategy are twofold:

  • Strengthen the health outcomes of infrastructure, recognizing that infrastructure affects the determinants of health, such as water and air quality.
  • Guide the development of AIIB’s business in health-specific financings.

What is the difference between the outline document and the strategy to be developed?

The outline document proposes key elements for the strategy: context, vision, guiding principles, strategic priorities and implementation approach. Consulting at this stage of the process provides stakeholders with the opportunity to provide input at an earlier stage of development. The strategy will contain further descriptions of the key components in the outline as well as a results monitoring framework.

What sectors are covered by the strategy?

The strategy is of relevance to all infrastructure investment areas given the health impacts of infrastructure in all sectors. For example, climate transition investments can help to mitigate the worst effects of warming on human health. Decarbonization and the transition to renewable energy can improve ambient and household air quality. Transport infrastructure can save lives by improving access to care, reducing traffic accidents and improving the health supply chain and logistics. Other foundational infrastructure, including sanitation, food security and supply, waste management, community facilities and education also promote health outcomes.

Since AIIB does not have a health sector strategy, the health strategy pays particular attention to the health sector itself.

Does the strategy cover health promotion, prevention and provision?

Yes. AIIB recognizes that health infrastructure can enable and support health promotion efforts and prevention measures as well as directly underpin the provision of healthcare delivery services. Much infrastructure outside the health sector can directly promote healthy living and lifestyles, and help prevent disease through impacting air, water, soil and food systems.

Are safeguards part of the strategy?

The formulation and application of safeguards related to occupational health and safety are outside the scope of the strategy. The health strategy is concerned with the health outcomes of infrastructure that arise from the nature and design of the infrastructure. This is distinct from managing health and safety issues during the process of building, managing and operating the infrastructure.

How much health financing has AIIB provided to date?

Through the COVID-19 Crisis Recovery Facility, from 2020 to 2022 AIIB provided financing for 18 projects in public health at a total of USD3,782 million. Sixteen of the projects were cofinanced with other MDBs: World Bank (8), Asian Development Bank (6), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (1) and the International Finance Corporation (1).

In 2023, AIIB provided regular financing of USD1,117 million for health sector projects.

Modernizing of the Health SystemIndonesia999SBF (Loan)
Quadria Capital Fund IIISingapore50NSBF (Equity)
Cross-border Livestock Health and Value-chain Infra ImprovementCambodia43*SBF (Loan)
GL Capital China Opportunities FundChina25NSBF (Equity)

*10 million of which was from the Pandemic Fund.

In 2020, AIIB provided financing of USD30 million to the Legend Capital Healthcare Technology Fund.

Outside of the health sector, AIIB has provided financing to projects with major public health impacts, such as water and sanitation projects, and air quality enhancement projects.

What happens after the consultation period?

AIIB will compile all submissions and comments received and prepare a summary for the Bank’s Board of Directors. The summary will contain management reflections on key themes to emerge. Following discussion with the Board of Directors, the summary will be released publicly. The strategy will be developed based on the outline document for consultation and the feedback received during the consultation period.

When will the strategy be released?

AIIB is working toward finalizing and releasing the strategy by the end of 2024.