The Social Infrastructure Department (SID) covers both Region 1 and Region 2 and provides support toward the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals while expanding the human capital potential of developing countries. It places a high priority on providing client-driven solutions for the digital and technological transformation of social infrastructure, focusing on education and health. It also supports elderly and long-term care for aging populations and early childhood development for the youngest members of developing societies.


As an integral component of a nation’s productivity, good health care systems support worker productivity and income generation. SID assists in expanding and improving health care facilities and supply-chain infrastructure based on sound health governance and innovations. AIIB’s sovereign and non-sovereign investments and advisory services foster best practices in the health sector. It also supports health as a global and regional public good while promoting knowledge sharing and technology transfer in health care products.


SID focuses on scaling up deployment of new technologies to improve learning. Among the priority areas is technical and vocational training to support higher education students to become better able to benefit from future job markets and to make it easier for those who have lost their jobs to re-enter job markets.


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