The Infrastructure Investment Department identifies, prepares and invests in projects in the tangible infrastructure of transport, energy, water and sustainable cities sectors through various financial instruments, including loans, equity investments and guarantees.

Focus areas include

  1. origination and execution of sovereign-backed financings;
  2. origination and execution of non-sovereign-backed financings, including corporate loans, limited recourse project finance loans, equity bridge loans, mezzanine debt and guarantees;
  3. direct equity investments in corporates and projects and
  4. fixed income investments in project and corporate bonds.

Transport specialists assist in the planning, design, preparation and implementation of projects and programs that meet the growth demand and improve transportation efficiency in AIIB’s members. Areas of concentration include road connectivity, transport logistics, railways, ports, urban transportation, aviation and road safety.


Energy specialists plan, design and implement projects and programs that meet the rapid growth demands of the energy sector and help improve production and consumption efficiency in client countries. All forms of energy generation, transmission, distribution and storage are considered. AIIB prioritizes investments in high-efficiency gas-based technologies and renewable energy generation as part of its support to the energy transition to net-zero.


Water specialists focus on water resources management, irrigation and drainage, flood control, water supply and sanitation and wastewater management projects. The objective is to achieve more effective management of water resources to meet demands in the water, sanitation and irrigation sectors as well as effective wastewater and stormwater management for pollution control and flood mitigation in urban and rural environments.


Urban specialists identify, prepare, implement and supervise urban investment projects. The focus is on responding to urbanization challenges (including demographic shifts and social changes, economic, structural and spatial transformation), climate change, disaster risk management, sustainable development, urban local governance, technology and innovation.


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