The Banking Department has the following business lines: (i) Capital Markets and Structured Products, (ii) Digital Infrastructure and Industry, (iii) Financial Institutions and Syndications and (iv) Private Equity.

Capital Markets and Structured Products

The Capital Markets and Structured Products teams support projects that involve debt and capital markets as well as structured products such as corporate bonds, green bonds and other asset-backed securities and instruments. They also work directly with asset managers.

Digital Infrastructure and Industry

The Digital Infrastructure and Industry team support projects with hard physical assets (such as structures and facilities) or soft infrastructure (the architecture that connects physical assets and the technological applications to operate them). Digital infrastructure includes four components that function interactively:

  1. Connectivity and Transportation: the physical infrastructure that carries data between devices, data infrastructure and services;
  2. Storage and Processing: the computing power to run services and store user data;
  3. Services and Applications: the functions/applications that create economic value addition and
  4. Terminals and Devices: the interfaces between users and digital services/applications.
Financial Institutions and Syndications

The Financial Institutions and Syndications teams maintain an active dialogue with capital, financial and insurance markets to partner with and on-lend to banks, in addition to supporting Investment Operations teams in the structuring, pricing and co-financing of transactions. The teams combine the Bank’s resources with that of other financial institutions and insurance companies to create enhanced financing options for AIIB’s clients, working with private and public sector institutions from around the world.

Private Equity

The Private Equity teams originate, structure and execute transactions that involve direct and indirect equity investments (including through externally managed funds) by AIIB in infrastructure and other productive sectors. This includes pooled investment vehicles in the form of private equity funds and co-investments with investee funds.


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