SECTOR: Transport/Urban Rail REGION: India

India: Mumbai Metro Line 4 Project

Project Description:

The Project will provide environmental friendly, safe and high-capacity North-South connectivity through a modern metro system between Mumbai and Thane district. The primary beneficiaries are the commuters that travel along the corridor, and the secondary beneficiaries are the residents and commercial establishments situated along the corridor. The expected results of the Project are improvement of the overall mobility of urban population and further economic growth through better connectivity.

The Project will run from Wadala through Ghatkopar, Mulund and Thane to Kasarvadavali of approximately 32 km. The Project consists of three components.

(i) Civil Works: The component consists of the following subcomponents:

(a) constructing a 32-km elevated metro line with a standardized viaduct
(b) constructing 32 elevated metro stations along the metro line, of which 4 stations will be interconnected with other metro lines and the monorail
(c) constructing 2 depots (one main depot for heavy maintenance and one stabling depot for minor maintenance)

(ii) Systems: The component consists of installing the following subcomponents:

(a) signaling
(b) telecommunication
(c) traction and power supply (25 KV AC)
(d) other systems related to the metro operation

For high level of safety and reliable operation, a service-proven Continuous Automatic Train Control System based on Communication Based Train Control System, including Automatic Train Protection, Automatic Train Operation and Automatic Train Supervision subsystems will be installed.

(iii) Rolling Stock: A total of 216 modern coaches with air conditioning and service-proven equipment with high reliability will be procured. The important criteria for selection of rolling stock includes passenger safety features, energy efficiency, optimized scheduled speed, low life cycle cost, etc.


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