APPROVAL DATE: April 04, 2019 SECTOR: Transport/Roads REGION: Lao PDR

Lao PDR: National Road 13 Improvement and Maintenance Project

Project Objective:

The project will support national strategy and socio-economic development of Lao PDR by enhancing its road connectivity of the most critical sections of the backbone road network of the country. Specifically, the project will widen the 19 km high traffic section close to Vientiane capital city (Sikeut to Songpeuay market) from the existing two-lane to a four-lane road; and an improvement/strengthening of a 39-km section of two-lane road (Songpeuay market to Phonhong) with Portland cement concrete pavement. The project will use an innovative contracting model, an Output- and Performance-based Road Contract (OPBRC).


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