APPROVAL DATE: June 24, 2018 SECTOR: Finance REGION: India

India: National Investment and Infrastructure Fund

Project Objective:

The objective of the Fund is to mobilize more private sector capital into infrastructure sectors, and increase infrastructure investment in India. These investments will include operating companies and new ventures. The platform could also consider investments into other commercially viable investments within the broader strategy of the Fund.

The Fund is expected to play the role of a catalyst for supporting investments in infrastructure with the objective of maximizing economic impact through its investments.

Sector specific platform companies will be the primary investment vehicles of the Fund. For each sector of interest, the Fund will create a platform company in partnership with a limited number of financial investors. Operating expertise will be sought either through the inclusion of an operating partner or through a management team backed by NIIF and other partners.

The Fund will exclusively invest in India and intends to operate mostly through scalable platform companies that will target infrastructure assets primarily in the following sectors: roads, ports, airports, power (generation, transmission, distribution), urban infrastructure, and logistics.


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