APPROVAL DATE: June 15, 2017 SECTOR: Energy Hydropower REGION: Tajikistan

Tajikistan: Nurek Hydropower Rehabilitation Project, Phase I

Project Description:

The objectives of the Project are to rehabilitate, restore the generating capacity and improve the efficiency of the three power generating units of Nurek HPP and to strengthen the safety of the Nurek dam.

The rehabilitation of Nurek hydropower plant will be implemented in two phases. The Project, which is the Phase I of the rehabilitation, consists of:

Component One: Rehabilitation of the power plant and replacement of auto-transformers. This component will include (i) the replacement and refurbishment of mechanical, electrical, and electromechanical equipment and works required for the rehabilitation of the Nurek HPP; (ii) replacement of auto-transformers.

Component Two: Dam Safety. This component will include activities to improve the safety of the operation of the Nurek HPP.

Component Three: Technical Assistance. This component will support implementation of the Project and strengthen the institutional capacity of Barqi Tojik.



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