APPROVAL DATE: March 22, 2017 SECTOR: Multi Sector REGION: Indonesia

Indonesia: Regional Infrastructure Development Fund Project

Project Description:

The Project aims to support the structuring and operationalization of the Regional Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) as a financial intermediary, which lends directly to the subnational governments. Located within PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (PT. SMI), the RIDF will increase subnational governments’ access to finance for basic infrastructures. Through the Project, it is expected that the subnational governments will be able to address their critical infrastructure needs more effectively and overcome annual funding constraints with the dedicated funding available through the RIDF. The RIDF will finance investments and provide technical assistance in thematic areas including, but not limited to:

(i) urban transport;

(ii) urban water supply and sanitation;

(iii) drainage, flood and hazard risk;

(iv) solid waste management; and

(v) slum upgrading and affordable housing.



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