APPROVAL DATE: March 22, 2017 SECTOR: Dams and Water Resource Management REGION: Indonesia

Indonesia: Dam Operational Improvement and Safety Project Phase II

Project Description:

The Project will be built on the previous experience in preparation and implementation of the Dam Safety Project (DSP:1994-2003) and the Dam Operational Improvement and Safety Project (DOISP: 2009-2016). The DOISP was envisaged as the first stage of a longer-term programmatic approach by Government to develop a portfolio management approach across its dam and reservoir sector. The overall aims of the program were:

(1) To increase the safety and the functionality of the 63 short-listed prioritized large dams/reservoirs,

(2) Develop and mainstream the regulatory and administrative arrangements for dam and reservoir management and safety that are more sustainable from a technical, environmental and financial perspective. The Project will consist of the following components:

      (a) Institutional Capacity for Dam Safety;

      (b) Dam Rehabilitation andSafety;

      (c) Dam Operation and Safety Management.

The Ministry of Public Works/15 regional Balai (Besar) WS Offices will be the project executing agencies. The project implementation period is planned to be from January 2017 to November 2022. The project is expected to contribute directly to the elimination of extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity by improving the resilience of communities and protection of infrastructure from dam failure, enhancing reservoir operations to improve water delivery service provision for domestic and agriculture, and increasing the resilience to changes in climate through better infrastructure safety and improved operations.



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