APPROVAL DATE: June 15, 2017 SECTOR: Finance REGION: India

India: India Infrastructure Fund

Project Description:

The Fund’s investment strategy is to invest in infrastructure platforms and infrastructure services companies with high growth potential that derive their revenues principally from India. The targeted investments cover a number of sectors, including the following examples and related sectors:

  • Energy and utilities (e.g. renewable energy, electric transmission and distribution networks, water and wastewater systems, smart cities, etc.);
  • Transportation and logistics (e.g. roads, airports, bridges, tunnels, ports, railways, waterways, intermodal systems linking various transport modes, urban transport, logistics and logisticsrelated infrastructure, etc.);
  • Other sectors including telecommunications, broadband, urban PPP projects, healthcare and education.

The Fund will seek to invest in portfolio companies that support and benefit from overall growth in India’s infrastructure development and will target a market rate of return reflecting the risks of the investment, principally through long-term capital appreciation. All investments by the Fund will be guided by an assessment of government policies and prospects for private sector infrastructure investment. The Fund seeks to identify and partner with capable, trustworthy sponsors and management teams.

Information relating to the Fund and GP is based on information supplied by the GP but this project summary information is not prepared or approved by such GP. Expected performance of the Fund is not necessarily a guide to the eventual outcome.


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