APPROVAL DATE: May 02, 2017 SECTOR: Energy - Power REGION: India

India: Andhra Pradesh 24x7 – Power For All

Project Description:

The Project will improve the supply of power and improved efficiency of operations in the target areas, leading to better financial performance of the companies, thus releasing funds for overall socioeconomic development. The project will include the following activities:

(1) Upgrading and augmenting transmission & distribution infrastructure;

(2) Improving rural electricity supply;

(3) Setting up power infrastructure for a Smart City;

(4) Setting up ICT infrastructure in the distribution companies;

(5) Providing transition finance to achieve financial sustainability Based on achieving specified reform steps/results in the identified areas;

(6) Providing technical assistance to the State power distribution sector.

The Andhra Pradesh Transmission Company (APTRANSCO) and AP Distribution Companies (APSPDCL and APEPDCL) are the project executing agencies. The project implementation period is planned to be from December 2017 to December 2019.



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