APPROVAL DATE: Dec. 08, 2017 SECTOR: Telecomms REGION: Oman

Oman: Broadband Infrastructure Project

Project Description:

The objective of the Project is to improve the telecommunications connectivity in Oman and increase the digital literacy and productivity of its human capital. The finance provided to Oman Broadband will be used for its rollout of a fiber optic broadband cable network to c. 406,003 homes/premises by the end of 2021 (i.e. Phase 1 of the rollout of a national network). It comprises of laying cables of c. 4,097 km, drop cables of c. 9,535 km and installing supporting infrastructure such as fiber distribution hubs. Upon its completion, 80% of Muscat will be fiber-ready for connection with the gigabit-capable optical networks. The Project will improve Oman’s infrastructure in the information and communication technology sector, thereby increasing the attractiveness of Oman as a destination for manufacturing business and strategic logistics services. The Project is in alignment with the country’s goal to progressively diversify the economy away from its current dependence on export of hydrocarbon products.


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