August, 2017

Public Information Interim Policy and Directive

One of the Bank’s guiding principles is Promoting Transparency.

It is the Bank’s underlying presumption that, whenever possible, information concerning the Bank’s activities will be made available to the public in the absence of a compelling reason for confidentiality.

AIIB is also committed to making it easy for individuals and organizations to request information from the Bank.

If you have an information request, please title it “Public Information Policy Request” and submit it through one of the following channels:

Mail: B-9 Financial Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 100033, China

Fax: +86 10 83580005

(This email will lead you to a system in the Bank’s website where you are asked to fill in a form for your request.)

Please note that all requests must be in English and that only written requests will be accepted.

For more information regarding AIIB’s commitment to transparency and related policies and procedures, please review the Public Information Interim Policy (PIIP) and the Public Information Requests Processing Interim Directive.


Policy-related Inquiries

If you have any questions pertaining to AIIB policies, please send us an email:


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