What is the AIIB Young Professionals Program?

A Young Professionals Program (“YPP” or “Program”) has been established this year to recruit and develop a cadre of outstanding Young Professionals (“YPs”) in the early stages of their careers to contribute to the realization of the Bank’s mission. The AIIB’s mission is to i) foster sustainable economic growth, create wealth and improve infrastructure connectivity in Asia by investing in infrastructure and other productive areas; and ii) promote regional cooperation and partnership. The selected YPs’ skill sets, academic experiences, motivation and passion will complement the expertise and experience of the Bank’s seasoned mid-career and senior staff.

Selected YPs will work with the Bank’s staff to develop, enhance and leverage their professional skills and expertise while acquiring hands-on experience. Working with clients in Asia’s public and private sectors, YPs will gain a deep understanding of, and broader perspectives on the Region’s infrastructure development and financing challenges and opportunities. AIIB is a new and dynamic organization. As it grows and matures as an institution, its first cohorts of YPs will have unique opportunities to contribute to the realization of its mandate, and to help to shape its institutional development. During the Program, the YPs will receive mentoring, training, career guidance and development opportunities to enable them to grow and develop professionally.

With the launch of the YPP in 2017, the first batch of YPs will work primarily in the Bank’s investment operations, policy and strategy, and finance/treasury/risk departments. Applicants who wish to pursue careers in other specialized areas (e.g., communications, legal affairs, administration, etc.) should apply through the Bank’s regular recruitment channels.

Features of the YP Program

Rotations: The YP Program will last two years. The Program will comprise 3 rotational assignments of approximately 8 months each. During those assignments YPs will be exposed to a range of tasks and activities primarily in the investment operations; policy and strategy; and financial/risk/treasury departments.

YPs are expected to perform at a professional level and demonstrate mastery of core technical competencies from entry-on-duty. Each YP assignment will be tailored to the YP’s skills set and areas of expertise. YPs will work under the supervision and guidance of managers and senior technical staff. At least one of the 3 rotations will be in the Bank’s Investment Operations Department.

  • During the rotational assignments in the Investment Operations Department, YPs will be exposed to and work on investments in various stages of the project cycle. YPs may participate as full team members using their expertise and skills in such areas as project identification and fact finding, appraisal, the review and approval processes, and implementation supervising. YPs will also be exposed to the Bank’s environmental and social assessment framework, project financial and economic investment analyses, as well as procurement and disbursement principles and processes.
  • In the Policy and Strategy field, assignments may focus on country programming, profile, sectoral and sub-sectoral analytics and needs assessments, and engagement with AIIB’s partners, and other stakeholders.
  • YPs may also undertake assignments with the Bank’s Financial and Risk complex, supporting its treasury, financial policy, and risk functions.

Depending on institutional need, and individual skills sets, YPs may occasionally take a rotational assignment in other Bank departments (e.g., Administration, the Corporate Secretariat, Communications, Human Resources, and the Office of the General Counsel).

Upon Program graduation, it is anticipated that the majority of the successful YP graduates will take-up regular assignments in the Investment Operations, Policy and Strategy, or Finance and Risk areas.

Training: YPs will receive an intensive orientation to the Bank i.e. on its institutional foundation, policies, practices, corporate culture, and staff regulations and rules. During rotational assignments, YPs will receive on-the-job training and gain experience under the supervision and guidance of seasoned experts. YPs will be eligible to participate in the Bank’s in-house training programs and course offerings. In rare circumstances, on a case-by-case basis, external training in a specific area may be considered.

Mentorship: Upon joining the Bank each YP will be assigned an individual mentor (a member of the Bank’s senior staff) who will provide informal support, counsel and mentoring to help the YP adjust to the Bank and also to living in Beijing. Mentorship will continue throughout the duration of the Program.

Performance Assessment: Each rotational assignment will have a clearly defined developmental plan with specified performance goals. Overall performance will be assessed through a fair and transparent process. The Bank’s Performance Management Framework equips managers with the tools to support staff in reaching their full potential. YP performance will be evaluated in broad alignment with the performance measurement system that is applied to the Bank’s regular staff.

In exceptional circumstances, a YP may be requested to remain in the Program for an additional rotational assignment for further professional development and assessment.

The application process for the 2017 Young Professionals Program is now closed.