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Najeeb Haider Principal Strategy Officer Strategy, Policy & Budget Department

My Name is Najeeb Haider. I was born in Lahore, Pakistan, grew up and studied in Karachi, where I worked for the first six years of my career, and then moved to Hong Kong in 1997. I worked in Hong Kong for 19 years until I moved to Beijing in September 2016 to join AIIB.

Before joining AIIB, I worked with Citi for 21 years, and since 2012, was responsible for the Infrastructure and Energy Finance business for the Asia Pacific region. For most of my time at Citi, I focused on infrastructure finance. It is a business that I am passionate about as it is very interesting and challenging, and one that has a material positive impact on the lives of people and economies of countries. It is satisfying to see the projects that I have been involved with completed and operational. The sectors I have financed include power, petrochemicals, ports, gas pipelines, LNG, telecom media technology, roads, rail and mining.

AIIB is a tremendous brand name and the market has high expectations for the organization. I wanted to be part of this effort in the early days when strategies are made and teams are put together for the execution of these strategies. These are exciting times at AIIB, and so far, the organization has lived up to my expectations.


I am working with the Policy and Strategy team on the formulation of the private sector strategy for AIIB, and at the same time assisting the Investment Operations team on the execution of transactions. There are a number of very interesting private sector initiatives that we are working on that will hopefully help establish AIIB as market leader over time. The nature of the infrastructure finance business, the positive impact it has on the economy and the platform that AIIB provides are the reasons I joined AIIB.

Each infrastructure deal is different, requires a bespoke financing solution and therefore provides the opportunity to innovate. I really enjoy meeting clients, negotiating mandates, structuring transactions and executing large, complex deals that involve multiple parties!


I look forward to sharing stories on interesting initiatives and deals with colleagues as we build our pipeline of deals and business.

Najeeb Haider

Principal Strategy Officer Strategy, Policy & Budget Department