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    Information Management and Services Officer (Records & Archive)
    Minimum 5-8 years of relevant experience
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    Communications and Development Department
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    Global Recruitment
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    Jan 24, 2017
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    Feb 28, 2017

Information Management and Services Officer (Records & Archive)

The primary responsibilities of the Information Management and Services Officer are to develop and oversee the management of the Bank’s official records system.  The successful candidate will establish and implement guidelines, as may be required, to ensure relevant documentation and records are properly archived, stored and maintained in accordance with legal requirements and the Bank’s policies.

Specific Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Lead the establishment of the Bank’s records and archive system including relevant databases and digital document management systems
  • Effectively manage the archive cycle of public disclosure, ensuring that the Bank’s communication messages are recorded and can be retrieved in line with the Bank’s guidelines and compliance policies
  • Coordinate with other departments in the preparation and collection of regular reports, and other internal and external communications, and ensure the information is archived in a timely manner and in line with the Bank’s compliance policies
  • Assist in the maintenance of archives in accordance with legal requirements and the Bank’s policies
  • Retrieve and disseminate information from the archives in response to external information requests or legal orders.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Minimum 5-8 years of relevant experience in archives or information management, or other related fields; multilateral development bank(s) experience preferred
  • Good understanding of the mandate and priorities of multilateral development bank(s) and knowledge of effective results reporting and disclosure practices and processes
  • Highly structured and organized; sensitive to the Bank's internal and external relationships
  • Strong oral and written communication skills in English
  • Master’s degree or equivalent in information management, communications, political science, international relations, public administration, or other related fields from a reputable university.


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