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    Senior Health and Safety Specialist
    Minimum 8-10 years of experience
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    Operational Services Department
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    Global Recruitment
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    Jan 03, 2020
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    Jan 31, 2020

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Senior Health and Safety Specialist

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is a multilateral development bank with a mission to improve social and economic outcomes in Asia. Headquartered in Beijing, we began operations in January 2016 and have now grown to 102 approved members worldwide. By investing in sustainable infrastructure and other productive sectors in Asia and beyond, we will better connect people, services, and markets that over time will impact the lives of billions and build a better future.

The Senior Health and Safety Specialist is responsible for leading the integration of Health and Safety (H&S) dimensions into the work of AIIB, recognizing the importance of this issue in the development of sustainable infrastructure. The position involves: (i) managing activities that incorporate H&S dimensions into policies, programs, projects, technical assistance and training and (ii) managing H&S risks and hazards in investment strategies, policies, programs and projects.

AIIB senior professional-level staff are recognized by staff as an advisory resource for a broad area of specialization or in a narrow specialized field. They contribute to strategy, analysis and policy formulation. They are experienced in their field, with practical application of broad-based professional knowledge. They have the ability to complete difficult assignments; perform professional-level research and analysis and solve complex problems in their field. Senior level staff work independently with minimal guidance; routinely lead complex projects; and integrate the work of other (often multi-disciplinary) professional staff. They provide guidance to professional and junior professional staff.


  • Contribute to the formulation and implementation of the H&S aspects of AIIB’s strategies, policies, programs and projects, including strategic planning and sector studies.
  • Participate in the identification, appraisal, design and implementation of investment programs and projects to evaluate H&S risks and assess the effectiveness of hazards’ control mechanisms.
  • Oversee the design, preparation and implementation by clients of health and safety plans for all types for programs and projects, including procurement of works and services, contractors management, occupational health and safety management systems, community health and safety management plans and H&S procedures.
  • Appraise the H&S risks and hazards associated with investment projects against the requirements of AIIB's Environmental and Social Framework, current policies, regulations, standards and industrial processes; this will include field-based reviews.
  • Manage investment projects’ H&S risks and hazards by conducting reviews, advisory work and capacity building; this will include extensive exposure to organizations involved in delivering AIIB-financed projects.
  • Develop, recommend and monitor courses of corrective measures with clients based on reviews and, where necessary, on investigations, to minimize the hazard risk profile and achieve health and safety management excellence in accordance with the H&S requirements of AIIB.
  • Drive behavioral change in client organizations, lead organizations to implement well-established processes and effectively influence contractors’ performance.
  • Lead reviews of country and corporate H&S standards, systems and practices to determine their potential for selective partial or full use in AIIB-financed projects.
  • Develop and conduct training on health and safety management systems for AIIB staff and clients.
  • Coordinate relations with professional organizations, peer MDBs and nongovernmental organizations related to H&S issues.
  • Contribute to AIIB’s knowledge base on H&S aspects of projects.



  • Minimum 8-10 years of relevant experience in H&S management either working for, or as a government counterpart or consultant to, a multilateral development bank, bilateral donor or a private sector (corporate or consulting) organization.
  • Experience with the development and implementation of H&S strategies, policies and procedures, in particular, in the construction industry in emerging economies.
  • Proven application of professional expertise in the planning and management of the H&S aspects of infrastructure programs and projects, including in sectors such as energy, transport, water and urban development.
  • Experience with the planning, preparation and implementation of project-level hazard identification and assessment and related types of studies, including H&S management systems, accident investigation, leadership engagement and capacity building programs, and procedures.
  • Strong ability to participate in project development and supervision, including project design, feasibility studies, procurement and contractor management during implementation.
  • Demonstrated interpersonal skills to work with public and private sector clients and development partners (multilateral development banks and bilateral development organizations) of AIIB in an effective, timely and professional manner in both formal and informal settings.
  • Experience serving as a member of interdisciplinary teams, including close collaboration with environmental, social and procurement specialists.
  • Experience in working with large workforces of local or regional contractors in AIIB’s countries of operation.
  • Certification from a reputable national industry association such as OSHA, BSC, NEBOSH, NSCI or WSQ, or corporate organization such as a leading company in the resource (O&G, mining), construction or chemical industry is desirable.
  • Willingness to spend significant time making site visits, often to remote locations.
  • Good oral and written communication skills in English.
  • Master’s degree or equivalent in engineering, workplace/occupational/industrial health and safety or related fields from a reputable university.


Previous experience and qualifications will determine the grade level and job title at which successful applicants will enter AIIB.


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