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    Board Operations Analyst
    Minimum 2 years of experience
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    Office of the VP, Corporate Secretary
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    Global Recruitment
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    Nov 15, 2019
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    Dec 06, 2019

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Board Operations Analyst

Board Operations Analyst

The Board Operations Analyst is expected to provide analytical support for effective and efficient operations of the Board of Directors of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). The analyst will be responsible for programming of the Board work plan, establishing and maintaining the virtual system supporting the Board operations, providing administrative support to constituencies for their coordination and operations and providing operational support to the Board and Management for all Board activities (including Board meetings, briefings, inductions and constituency meetings).



Communication With the Board of Directors

Act as the focal point for AIIB’s communication with the Board; be responsible for the day-to-day communication with the nonresident Board of Directors and the office teams of Members of the Bank; provide high-quality and timely responses to Board inquiries.

  • Build up and maintain smooth communication channels and set up excellent working-level relations with the Board and the office teams of Members of the Bank.


Board Meetings and Events

  • Work closely with all AIIB business units to develop and maintain the Board of Directors’ Work Plan.
  • Work with Senior Officers to plan and organize the Board of Directors meetings, the Board induction program, constituency meetings, Board briefings and workshops and other Board-related events. Responsibilities include designing the programs, collecting and compiling presentation materials, leading logistics arrangements and internal and external coordination and liaison.
  • Be responsible for the budget management and expenses tracking related to Board of Directors operations, prepare budget memos and reports, track quarterly expenses and prepare the annual budget plan.

Project Management

  • Lead the development, operation and continual enhancement of the Board Portal.
  • Work closely with the Corporate Secretariat team and associated AIIB units, in particular the Information Technology Division and the Communications Department, to continually enhance the transparency and efficiency of Board operations through timely provision of information and development of applications supporting cross-team collaboration on AIIB’s official website and intranet pages.
  • Work closely with Corporate Secretariat team members, the IT Division and vendor service providers to identify and structure the business needs of the Board operations and search for best practices on a continual basis; lead the associated IT development initiatives.
  • Work with Senior Officers to evaluate the effectiveness of the Board operations on a continual basis.



  • Minimum of two years of working experience in related fields, preferably in international organizations or diplomatic organizations.
  • Exceptional organizational and project management skills; detail- and result-oriented.
  • Excellent cross-cultural communication and diplomatic skills with proven track record.
  • Demonstrated analytical and research skills and capabilities.
  • Excellent team player; able to work independently and take ownership and initiative.
  • Fluency in written and oral English is a must.
  • Interests in international relations and international development.
  • A bachelor’s degree or above.


Previous experience and qualifications will determine the employee level at which a successful applicant will enter AIIB.



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