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AIIB Opens 2024 with Record-breaking USD3 Billion Funding for 5-year Sustainable Development Bond

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB, Aaa/AAA) advanced its 2024 calendar year funding program by announcing the pricing of a 5-year USD benchmark bond. The Sustainable Development Bond successfully raised USD3 billion, reinforcing AIIB's commitment to financing Infrastructure for Tomorrow.

This bond, which was priced on January 10, 2024, further contributes to AIIB's USD11 billion global borrowing authority for 2024, following its recent GBP500 million July-2027 Sustainable Development Bond that was priced on January 4. This is now the fifth consecutive year that AIIB has been an issuer in the U.S. Dollar market, amassing a cumulative total of 11 Dollar benchmarks, and raising over USD20 billion.

Domenico Nardelli, AIIB Treasurer, said, “I am thrilled by the robust start to 2024 AIIB has had in the global capital markets. This transaction underscores a significant milestone as we celebrate both the fifth anniversary of AIIB's involvement in primary markets and AIIB’s eighth anniversary of its operations.”

The transaction broke previous AIIB records for generating investor support by drawing orders from over 130 investors and forming an orderbook in excess of USD9 billion. This came in unison with a 3-basis point spread compression through the bookbuilding process.

The 5-year bond, with a coupon rate of 4.125% per annum payable semiannually, attracted strong interest from high-quality investors around the globe. The deal offers a spread versus mid-swaps of +53 basis points, equivalent to a spread of 26.45 basis points over the UST 3.750% due December 2028.

Darren Stipe, Head of Funding, based in AIIB's Interim Operational Hub in Abu Dhabi, remarked, “This is an unparalleled dollar benchmark for AIIB as we navigate our largest borrowing program to date. The SSA primary market has had a busy start to the year, and it is brilliant to see AIIB, alongside our peers, capitalize on this momentum. I am incredibly pleased to see another record for AIIB in the dollar market with our largest order book yet of USD9 billion, a testament to our supportive and growing investor base.”

Barclays, BMO Capital Markets, HSBC, and Morgan Stanley were the joint lead managers for the transaction.

Key Transaction terms


Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (“AIIB”) 


Aaa/AAA/AAA (Moody’s, S&P and Fitch), all stable 

Issue Amount 

USD 3,000,000,000 


Direct and Unsecured 

Pricing Date 

10 January 2024 

Settlement Date 

18 January 2024 (T+5) 

Maturity Date 

18 January 2029 


4.125%, Semi-Annual, 30/360, Following, Unadjusted 

Re-offer Spread to mid swaps 

+53 bps 

Re-offer Price 


Re-offer Yield 





London Stock Exchange’s Main Market 

Lead Managers 

Barclays, BMO, HSBC, Morgan Stanley 


Investor Distribution: 

By Investor Type 


Central Banks/Official Institutions 


Bank Treasuries 


Asset Managers/Pension Funds



By Investor Region










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