Beijing, China, January 26, 2020

Statement of Support

We would like to express our deep sympathy to the Chinese government for the urgent situation in addressing the spread of the coronavirus. This unexpected health emergency has disrupted what is normally a happy time with family and celebration during the Chinese traditional holiday season.  We would like to thank the Chinese government for its prompt actions to try and control the spread of the coronavirus by keeping the location of origin under quarantine and by mobilizing many resources to protect the public from this virulent disease.

China, and indeed the world, is facing a serious health challenge as the spread of the coronavirus continues. So much is still unknown about how it is spreading, but we are sure the government is doing all it can to control it, thereby protecting its citizens in China and all over the world from infection.

We want to extend our support and the support of the entire Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank team to the Government of China during this difficult time.

Even though 70 per cent of our staff come from other parts of the world, we have all made China our home. We stand with you during this trying time. 

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