Beijing, China, December 23, 2019

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) Makes Changes To Leadership Team

AIIB President Jin Liqun today announced changes to his leadership team in preparation for the next phase of the Bank’s development.

Thierry de Longuemar, AIIB’s current Vice President and Chief Financial Officer will be retiring on Dec. 31, 2019 but will continue to work for AIIB in an advisory capacity. De Longuemar, AIIB’s first Chief Financial Officer (CFO), was responsible for the design and implementation of AIIB’s financial architecture, strategies and policies.  He also oversaw the securing of AIIB’s triple A credit rating by international credit rating agencies and the launch of AIIB’s very successful debut global bond. On Jan. 1, 2020, President Jin will appoint Andrew Cross as the new CFO of AIIB. 

Due to the Bank’s growth in membership and robust investment portfolio, additional executive-level support is required to meet client demand. At the recommendation of President Jin, AIIB’s Board of Directors have appointed Chief Programming Officer and Senior Advisor to the President, Konstantin Limitovskiy, to become Vice President, Investment Operations. In his new role, Limitovskiy will oversee investments in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central Asia, East Asia, West Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America. Limitovskiy will partner with current Vice President of Investment Operations D.J. Pandian who will focus on investments in South Asia and South East Asia.

“Thierry’s contributions to AIIB’s early development are too many to list. His extensive experience and wise counsel are highly valued by our Board of Directors and other members of the Management Team,” said AIIB President Jin Liqun. “I would like to congratulate Andrew Cross on his appointment to CFO and Konstantin Limitovskiy on his appointment to VP, Investment Operations. They both will bring a fresh perspective to our operations alongside strong track records of success in the public and private sectors.”

Over the past year Limitovskiy has been leading high-level dialogues with AIIB’s government clients on country programming and their strategic infrastructure priorities and requirements. Now with a specialized focus on certain markets, Limitovskiy will expand his client-centric approach to deepen AIIB’s pipeline.

“AIIB can add differentiated value by leading a client-first approach to building out its investment pipeline,” said Limitovskiy. “As a 21-century bank, we will examine new ways of interacting and engaging with our clients to help them realize their infrastructure priorities. I look forward to driving AIIB’s impact in key markets and helping to facilitate more balanced portfolio growth.”

Since joining AIIB in May 2019, Cross has been the Bank’s Assistant Chief Financial Officer where he supported the CFO to ensure sustainable financial strength and steady growth in financial resources, as well as to safeguard excellent credit ratings in support of AIIB’s overall mission.  In his new role as CFO, Cross will lead AIIB’s controller and treasury functions, and the development of new financial products and services, among other projects.

“I welcome this opportunity to contribute to AIIB’s mission and organizational development as it transitions out of its startup phase into a growth-oriented mindset,” said Cross. “I look forward to working with the team to expand the Bank’s brand in the debt capital markets and deliver new financial products so our clients can build the infrastructure of tomorrow.”

Both Konstantin Limitovskiy and Andrew Cross’s bios and headshots are available on AIIB’s website.



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