Current Job Vacancies

Applicants from all countries may apply. Recruitment will be effected in an open, fair and transparent manner. Selection will be based, inter alia, on technical competence, in-depth experience in related sectors, international experience, and educational background. AIIB has the discretion to appoint candidates into positions commensurate with their background and experience.

The Bank invites applications for the following positions:


Summary Table of Current Job Vacancies

No. Position Ref. No Job Type* Posting Date Closing Date**
1 Vice President – Finance 15045 Global Recruitment 08-Jul-16 29-Jul-16
2 Treasurer 15046 Global Recruitment 08-Jul-16 29-Jul-16
3 Controller 15047 Global Recruitment 08-Jul-16 29-Jul-16
4 Director General – Risk Management 15048 Global Recruitment 08-Jul-16 29-Jul-16

*Job Type: AIIB has two categories of recruitment. Positions that are categorized as "in-country" are the positions where a sufficient pool of qualified candidates exists and is readily available within China, regardless of their nationalities, and where global mobility and industry specific experience is non-essential. For interested applicants outside of this talent pool, they may opt to apply while bearing in mind that they will not be entitled to allowance provided to those recruited for "global" positions.
**Closing Date: Vacany closing dates are based on Beijing time at 6:00 p.m.