APPROVAL DATE: Oct. 15, 2019 SECTOR: Transport REGION: Tajikistan

Tajikistan: Obigarm-Nurobod Road Project

Project Summary:

The Obigarm-Nurobod road section of the existing M41 highway will be inundated once the Rogun Hydropower Project (HPP) reservoir is filled to operating levels and will require construction of a new 76-km M41 highway alignment through mountainous terrain.  This road project civil works includes roadway, tunnels, and bridges with the investment program divided into three sections, each section to be supported by different financiers.

Section 1-2 include approximately 75 km of roadway and other civil works.  AIIB will finance Section 3, which includes an approximately 800-m bridge over the Rogun HPP Reservoir, and 640m of roadway approaches to the bridge. The objective of the Project is to maintain and improve connectivity between Dushanbe, the northeast region of Tajikistan and the Kyrgyz Republic via the M41 highway.

The Special Funds grant will support project preparation consulting services for: (a) Concept feasibility and detailed design for the long bridge and approaches; (b) independent long bridge design review; (c) addendum to the existing environmental and social impact studies and reports; and (d) individual consultant technical support to the Implementation Unit during project preparation.


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