Beijing, China, July 09, 2018

AIIB to Transition to New Model For Project Approvals

Clearer accountabilities, operational efficiencies at the heart of innovative approach

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank’s (AIIB) Board of Directors has approved a new governance model that will strengthen its role in establishing the policies and strategies of the bank and its ability to hold the President accountable for the management of AIIB. It will also delegate authority to the President to approve a select group of projects based on predetermined criteria. This new model is expected to enhance efficiency and make the President more responsible and accountable to the shareholders for AIIB’s operations.

A strong risk culture, coupled with an oversight mechanism, is currently being established at AIIB as part of the transition to a new governance framework. The framework also lays out clear reporting and performance guidelines to reinforce the Board’s oversight role. "AIIB was envisioned to be a new kind of multilateral development bank with twenty-first century governance," said Jin Liqun, President of AIIB. "We drew upon international best practices in developing our new accountability framework that places more responsibility for decision-making on management and staff. We believe this will embed a culture of accountability at the bank, which will in turn lead to more rigor and ownership placed on project outcomes."

"The accountability framework strengthens and clarifies the respective responsibilities of Management and the Board. It reinforces the Board’s strategic role and enhances its ability to hold Management accountable," said Sir Danny Alexander, Vice President and Corporate Secretary, AIIB. "Getting to this point was a very collaborative process, and as a result, I believe we are now in an even stronger position as an institution to succeed in our mission to support sustainable economic development for people in Asia."

Further details about the framework can be found on AIIB’s website.

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