Beijing, September 21, 2015

AIIB Multilateral Interim Secretariat and the Asian Development Bank to Deepen Cooperation: Projects for Cofinancing to be Identified

Secretary General Jin Liqun and Asian Development Bank (ADB) President Takehiko Nakao agreed to deepen cooperation, including identifying projects for cofinancing, in a Meeting on 21 September in Beijing.

The Multilateral Interim Secretariat of the AIIB and the ADB have been working together effectively since the formation of the Secretariat in November 2014. Today’s Meeting expanded on discussions initiated earlier this year in Baku, Azerbaijan at ADB’s 48th Annual Meeting on continuing cooperation in supporting the development of sustainable infrastructure in the Asia Region, including discussions on procurement policies and procedures, environmental and social policy frameworks, institutional governance and other issues related to development finance. Mr. Jin noted that he looks forward to visiting ADB and to jointly developing a pipeline for project cofinancing.

President-designate Jin stated that "AIIB appreciates ADB’s support in this formative phase of its development. We look forward to working together with ADB and other development partners to deliver timely and efficient financing to meet critical infrastructure demand in the Asia Region". President Nakao noted, "ADB will be happy to share with AIIB our long experience and expertise in the region, including support for regional cooperation and integration, sustainable and inclusive development, and climate change adaptation and mitigation."

AIIB will be a new multilateral financial institution supporting sustainable infrastructure development and regional connectivity in Asia Region. The Bank’s Articles of Agreement have been signed by 51 of the 57 Prospective Founding Members. The Bank, which will be headquartered in Beijing, is expected to be operational by the end of 2015.