Beijing, July 17, 2015

AIIB Multilateral Interim Secretariat and WBG Agree to Continue and Deepen Cooperation

Secretary General Jin Liqun met with World Bank President Jim Kim in Beijing on 16 July, where they agreed to continue and deepen their cooperation.

The Multilateral Interim Secretariat of the AIIB and the World Bank have been working together effectively since the formation of the Secretariat last November, exchanging views on matters such as institutional governance, organizational structure, social and environmental safeguards and procurement procedures.

"The World Bank has been very generous in sharing its expertise, lessons of experience and global good practice knowledge with the Secretariat", said Mr. Jin. "We plan to identify projects for possible co-financing in the fall. Based on my time at the World Bank as an Alternate Executive Director, I am fully confident that such close cooperation between the Banks will lead to improved lives for citizens of our Member countries".

President Kim said "I congratulate Secretary General Jin Liqun and all prospective founding members on the great progress made in establishing the AIIB. More funding for infrastructure will help the poor, and we are pleased to be working with China and others to help the AIIB hit the ground running".