What We Look for

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has the mandate to foster economic growth in Asia by investing in infrastructure and other productive areas and promoting regional cooperation and partnership. As a new multilateral financial institution, AIIB's approach will be "lean, clean and green", with a focus on efficiency, sustainability and transparency. The Bank will also work closely with the existing Multilateral Development Banks -- complementing, supplementing and enhancing their development efforts.

The Bank will staff-up gradually as its portfolio expands and the areas of operational activity evolve. The Bank will seek professionals with proven experience in such areas as investment finance, infrastructure development, treasury operations, administration, monitoring and evaluation, and management. AIIB’s staffing requirements will expand in line with the Bank’s evolving business needs. New job/consultancy opportunities will be posted on the Bank’s website periodically.

Applicants from all countries may apply. Recruitment will be effected in an open, fair and transparent manner. Selection will be based, inter alia, on technical competence, in-depth experience in related sectors, international experience, educational background, written and oral communication skills in English.

Job vacancy announcements will be posted on this website. All applications must be for specific open vacancies. General inquiries and curricula vitae will not be reviewed. Applications received after the deadline may not be considered.

The Bank is unable to respond to individual inquiries regarding positions or candidacies. 

At present, the Bank does not have an Internship Program.

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